Perfect View – Bushido (CD)

Reference: 00418

new & sealed jewel case CD

Label: Lions Pride Music


The band was born at the beginning of 2008. The sound is close to bands like Toto, Whitesnake, Dokken, Winger, Journey, TNT, etc.

They released their debut album "Hold Your Dreams" in 2010 and also in 2012 the "Special Edition" of the album. 2013 sees the band performing several live shows and working in the studio for the realization of their second album "Red Moon Rising" released in 2014. Towards the end of the same year the Japanese version was released by Rubicon Music.

In 2018 the band signs a new contract with the Danish label Lions Pride Music. The band's third album, "Timeless", is released at the end of 2018. The following year Rubicon Music releases the Japanese edition in the Japanese market.

In 2020 the band records a cover of Kiss that is included in the compilation "We Keep On Shoutin -KISS tribute" whose proceeds are entirely donated to the CancerDrugs & Rock'nRoll association (fundraising for cancer research).

After a major lineup change, the band records the new album, "Bushido", which will be released in the spring of 2023 once again on Lions Pride Music label worldwide & Rubicon Music in Japan.

ALBUM PRESENTATION: The new album is a rock opera dedicated to the world of samurai. It tells the story of a Japanese boy who is born with a disability but who manages to pursue his dream of becoming a great samurai just like his grandfather had been. It is undoubtedly the album that required the most effort from Perfect View, for the lyrics and for the music and arrangements. They wanted to pay homage to a fascinating country and culture. The band said, "It is undoubtedly the album that took us the most effort, both for the lyrics and the music and arrangements. We wanted to pay homage to a fascinating country and culture."


01. Bushido Theme, 02. Birth, 03. Love, 04. Integrity, 05. Honor, 06. Family, 07. Respect, 08. Compassion, 09. Honesty, 10. Courage, 11. Loyalty, 12. Bushido Theme Reprise