Brett Walker – Highlights From The Last Parade (2CD)

Reference: 00369

new & sealed jewel case 2 CD

Label: MelodicRock Records


MelodicRock Records released a 6-disc retrospective of Brett Walker‘s career in 2018, which quickly sold out. The set included unreleased material from Brett‘s DAT archives and, for the first time, the coveted Person to Person demos. Due to demand, MelodicRock Classics released two exclusive new releases, Person to Person - ‚The Complete Record-ings‘ (2CD set) and Brett Walker - ‚Highlights From The Last Parade‘ (2CD set), offering a total of 4 discs of Brett Walker and Person to Person magic. The original box set purchase included over 50 bonus tracks as MP3 downloads, some of which have been curated to appear as bonus tracks on each release - exclusively on CD for the first time. The band‘s only promo photo was used in black and white for the cover of Person to Person and coloured using AI colouring technology.


Disc 1 - Highlights:

01. Still A Dream Away (Demo Version)

02. Branded

03. Bad Time For Goodbye (Alt Mix)

04. Crossroads Motel (91-93 Demo)

05. Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

06. After The Tears Have Gone

07. American Dreamer (Rock Version)

08. A Little Too Late

09. Fools Paradise

10. Catchin' On

11. Heaven Stops The Rain

12. Always A Place

13. Everything I Want To Do (Piano Ballad Version)

14. Don't Turn Out The Lights (Guitar Mix)

15. On The Train Again

16. Higher Ground (Revision)

17. Last Parade

Disc 2 - Spotlights (All Previously Unreleased on CD):

01. Midnight Angel (Early Demo)

02. Quicksand (Early Alt Mix)

03. No Reasons Of The Heart (Alt Mix)

04. Living On The Moon (Remix)

05. It's A Good Thing (First Mix)

06. Didn't Mean To Say Goodbye (91-93 Demo)

07. Give A Little Love (91-93 Demo)

08. Don't Mean Much (Demo)

09. A Far Cry From Love (Slower)

10. I Could Be Wrong (Alt Version)

11. Rain Dance (Alt Mix)

12. Hard Dark Music (Inst)

13. It Looks A Lot Like Rain (Inst)

14. Don't Come Back Crying

15. Solo Piano (Freeform 2)

16. Last Parade (Early Demo)