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Rexoria - Imperial Dawn (CD)

Reference: 00357

new & sealed jewel case CD

Label: Black Lodge


REXORIA is a heavy/power metal band with folk influences that exudes high energy. Frontwoman Frida Ohlin has a unique voice that is both powerful and raspy with a soft touch that adds magic to the band's fast and heavy music. The band's third studio album, "Imperial Dawn," is a step up for them, showcasing strong melodies, heavy riffs, and exciting keyboard playing that is sure to please fans of groups such as Battle Beast, Amaranthe, Dynazty, Unleash the Archers, and Beast in Black. The album features a mix of energetic, heavy, melodic, and powerful songs that will appeal to a wide audience. With "Imperial Dawn," REXORIA hopes to gain the appreciation of both existing and new fans. Frida expresses her excitement for the album's release, as it is their strongest effort yet. Jonas shares her enthusiasm, welcoming listeners to the new era of REXORIA and hoping that they will enjoy the album as much as the band does.


1 Paradigm

2 The new revolution

3 Devious desire

4 Rage and madness

5 Fading rose

6 Light up the sky

7 Horizon

8 Set me on fire

9 Crushing for more

10 Enchanted island 


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