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Seven Spires - Live At ProgPower XXI (CD)

Reference: 00335

new & sealed jewel case CD

release date & first day of shipping: March 17th, 2023

Label: Frontiers Music


A fine live document of American progressive metal-outfit SEVEN SPIRES. Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan, who we know through her participation in the AVANTASIA live band, offers an interesting and versatile voice which often surprises. You get songs from all previous three records and the special feature of this gig is a guest appearance by Roy Khan (v, CONCEPTION, ex-KAMELOT) on the song "This God Is Dead". The pretty hard sounds might not be everybody's cup of tea but generally speaking, the songs, at times rocking and at times definitely evoking emotions or simply sounding melancholic and bittersweet will please fans who exactly get what they want here.


1. Wanderer’s Prayer
2. Gods Of Debauchery
3. Ghost Of Yesterday
4. The Cabaret Of Dreams
5. Succumb
6. In Sickness, In Health
7. Bury You
8. Drum Solo
9. Oceans Of Time
10. Shadow On An Endless Sea
11. Dare To Live
12. This God Is Dead (Feat. Roy Khan)
13. Through Lifetimes (End)