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Narnia - Ghost Town (CD)

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Label: Narnia Songs


On the ninth studio album, Ghost Town, Narnia has picked the icing on the cake from its vast catalog. You cant simply label this album a neoclassic metal album or a power metal album, even though these elements are present. There are also parts that are progressive, modern, heavy, or just creatively different. But you can summarize by saying this is well-crafted piece of classic and melodic metal. For fans of Yngwie J Malmsteen, Masterplan, Europe and Dream Theater. Another fine effort for the numerous fans of this classic White Metal band!


01. Rebel
02. Thief
03. Hold On
04. Glory Daze
05. Descension
06. Ghost Town
07. Alive
08. Modern Day Pharisees
09. Out of the Silence
10. Wake Up Call