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RPWL - Crime Scene (CD | digipak)

Reference: 00326

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Label: Gentle Art Of Music


The German art rockers from Freising surprise with a new concept album called "Crime Scene" - but why actually? As always, atmospheric prog rock of the extra class is offered. Always gripping, with great melodies, poignant guitar and a musical beauty that only a few bands such as Pink Floyd were granted. Still, the work offers an exquisite listening experience that never feels boring or cribbed from their now stately own history. RPWL are authentic, innovative and musically outstanding - in other words: also with "Crime Scene" once again settled on the pole position in the genre!


01. Victim Of Desire
02. Red Rose
03. A Cold Spring Day In ‘22
04. Life In A Cage
05. King Of The World
06. Another Life Beyond Control