Tna - Self-Titled – Reissue (CD)

Reference: 00255

new & sealed jewel case CD

Reissue with 19 Tracks

Label: Eonian Records


Southern sleaze metal rockers TNA hail from Memphis, Tennessee, and formed around 1985. TNA includes guitarist Wayne Swinny, who is better known today as the guitarist for the rock band Saliva. This album was recorded between 1989 and 1990 and the guys played the same kind of music as Bulletboys, Kix, Motley Crue and Tesla. There are 12 tracks on the album, some really nice rocking numbers and ballads. The best song on the album is the fantastic It‘s Over, which could have been a great ballad at the time, with a chorus that is very AOR-ish. I‘m Already Gone is a groovy rock number that has traces of Tesla and Kix. The production is good and sounds very 80s, but if you like sleazy hard rock, TNA is a band to listen to. A good album.


1. All Nite Long

2. Bump & Grind

3. Dirty Love

4. Don’t Fade Away

5. Don’t Look Back

6. Hard Way

7. I’m Already Gone

8. It’s Over

9. Just Another Day

10. It Don’t Come Easy

11. Take A Walk

12. You Cried Wolf

13. Can’t Rape The Willing

14. Crazy For Your Love

15. Dus Enin (Right Now!)

16. Gossip

17. Sho Don’t Wanna

18. You

19. Folsom Prison Blues (Live At The Warehouse)