JETT BLACK - Night Flight (digitally remastered) (CD)

Reference: 00247

new & sealed jewel case CD

Digitally Remastered

Label: Bad Reputation


Jett Black was an awesome Toronto based band formed in 1983. They produced a 1984 cassette only release before heading into the studio for their one off album “Night Flight", released in 1985 on the DBM label. With 3 brothers in the line-up, they played a mix off melodic rock and AOR with plenty pompy keys. To compare them with others, bands like Hybrid Ice, Prism, Wrabit and Simon Chase comes to my mind. The album also featured Jeff Jones (Red Rider) on bass, listed as a "guest performer" because original bass player, Mike Greger, had left before the album was completed. Bad Reputation records re-issue, digitally remastered and first time ever on CD - phenomenal stuff for 80s AOR- and pomp rock lovers !


1.Nightflight 2. Hold On 3.  Bad News 4. Don’t Knock The Kids 5. Stranger (In You) 6. Big City Lights 7. Chase The Dream  8. Don’t Walk Away. 9. Make Your Move. 10. Breaking Away