D.F.M. - Streets Of Rage +4 (CD)

Reference: 00243

new & sealed jewel case CD
4 Bonus Tracks
Label: Metallic Blue Records


This band was most known for recording the soundtrack to the martial arts movie “Showdown”. Though the soundtrack has not had a proper release until now. D.F.M. morphed from the band A.Z.R.O. when they brought in Dana Freebairn on lead vocals. Dana had a great pedigree of bands he had sung for including Moviescreen, Terra and Terriff. The band was led by guitarist Tracy Swider (one time member of the band Megattack) with Adam Show (Warrant, Shake City) on bass and Todd Lane (Haven, New Haven) on drums. The band moved into a heavier direction that could be described as Love/Hate with a more metal edge version of Alice In Chains with hints of mid 90’s Savatage. The band would also be featured on the Double Dragon soundtrack with their song “Starting Over”. The reissue comes fully remastered with 4 bonus tracks.  


1. Loser Takes All
2. Passion
3. Trash King
4. Streets Of Rage
5. Love And Money
6. Starting Over
7. From The Inside
8. Leper’s Day
9. Sea Of Faith
10. Freedom