Essexx - We Make It Rock +10 (2 CD)

Reference: 00216

new & sealed jewel case 2 CD
10 Bonus Tracks
Label: Metallic Blue Records


Under the name Essexx, the band recorded one album where 3 of the tracks were produced by none other than the legend Ronnie Montrose. The original “We Make It Rock” cassette that was released in 1985 is rarely seen and when it is, it sells for over $200. Essexx was better known as “Stryder” where they released the “Nothing At All” LP in 1983. The 2022 release of “Essexx – We Make It Rock” comes with the bonus “Stryder – Nothing At All”. The entire package comes completely remastered with 10 bonus tracks (8 of which have never been released in any format). The package comes with 26 total tracks from this killer female fronted hard rock band. 


Disc 1: Essexx – We Make It Rock

We Make It Rock
No Answer
Raisn’ Hell
Got To Be More
Love’s The Answer
Jury’s Out

Stryder live bonus tracks

-Are You For Reals (Live)
-Crusades (Live)

Disc 2: Stryder – Nothing At All

It’s Rock ‘N Roll
Nothing At All
Serious Looks And Dangerous Smiles
Standin Still
Your Kind Of Game
Chance Dancer
Start Again
Nothing Sacred
Fit To Be Tied
I’ll Get By
Just Try And Stop Us
Princess In A Tower