T3Nors - Naked Soul (CD)

Reference: 00230

new & sealed jewel case CD

release date & first day of shipping: February 10th, 2023

Label: Frontiers Music


T3NORS, that's the three singers Toby Hitchcock (PRIDE OF LIONS), Robbie LaBlanc (BLANC FACES, FIND ME) and Kent Hilli (PERFERCT PLAN, GIANT). The compositions bring out the best of each voice and additionally, together in some parts of the songs they sound just like magic. It's certainly not a new concept applied here but instead of complaining, fans of the aforementioned bands and their exceptional vocalists and lovers of the melodic rock and AOR genre in general should be more than pleased about the result. And hey, french fries go with every dish, too, don't they? It's timeless music, played with a lot of passion. Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE). Cool record!


1. April Rain
2. Naked Soul
3. Nights
4. Time Is Coming
5. Silent Cries
6. Torn
7. I Could
8. Mother Love
9. Set Fire To The Rain
10. Stand For Love
11. Strength To Carry On

Robbie LaBlanc - vocals
Toby Hitchcock - vocals
Kent Hilli - vocals

Alessandro Del Vecchio - bass, additional keyboards, guitars, and backing vocals
Francesco Savino - guitars
Jacopo Martignoni - drums