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Straight Shooter - My Time - Your Time (CD)

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Label: Sireena Records


Georg Buschmann left his band Streetmark directly after their debut in 1975 to devote himself to his own project, Straight Shooter. The idea was more to "make melodic hard rock la Bad Company", which was noticeable among other things in the band name, oriented on the album of the same name by the Brits. After a more than just decent debut, the group around Buschmann & Co released their biggest success by far, "My Time - Your Time" with the eight-minute title song of the same name, which is still one of the most popular songs played in rock discotheques and dance halls today and gave the band a more than just decent boost in addition to enormous sales figures. Even today, 40 years after the release of their fifth album and their break-up, Straight Shooter are still one of the most important German hard rock bands of the time.


1 My time- your time

2 Happy new year

3 Why

4 Love In My Mind

5 All along the watchtower

6 Disco- fever everywhere

7 Now you're shattered

8 Be with me

9 Straight Fighting Man (Bonus Track)

STRAIGHT SHOOTER was primarily the band of singer Georg Buschmann, who was born on April 8th, 1948. He had been a member of the Düsseldorf band STREETMARK since 1971, but left the band after the release of the debut album "Nordland" to found his new project STRAIGHT SHOOTER. He had in mind more "melodic hard rock" in the tradition of the British band Bad Company, and it is not for nothing that the new band name came from an album title by the British. Günter Körber, the head of the SKY RECORDS label, liked the idea and signed a long-term contract with the band. All upcoming STRAIGHT SHOOTER albums should now be released on Sky Records. The debut "Get Straight" was released in 1978 and was recorded in the line-up of Buschmann, Günther Striepling (guitar), Hans Plankert (keyboards), Roland Haase (bass) and Peter Kegler (drums). A decent debut, which included a cover version of the Easybeats hit "Friday On My Mind", which was also released as a single and diligently rotated in the discotheques!
However, Buschmann & Co. shot the bird off with their second album "My Time - Your Time" in 1980. The title song of the same name, which lasts around 8 minutes, is still one of the most popular titles in rock discotheques and dance halls. A true classic that gave STRAIGHT SHOOTER a huge boost. For the CD release, original keyboardists provided commentary on every song on the album. "My Time - Your" became the band's most successful and best-selling album!