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Side Kixx - Talk Of The Town (digitally remastered) (CD)

Reference: 00222

new & sealed jewel case CD
Digital remastered

Label: Bad Reputation


Kudos to Bad Reputation for making this little known gem finally officially available. Side Kixx were a New Jersey based quartet, signed to the same management as Trixter. But while Trixter got a deal with a major label Side Kixx had to release their one and only album "Talk Of The Town" (1988) independently. A real shame, cause the the music on "Talk Of The Town" from this New Jersey quartet is similar to that of bands like Trixter, Bon Jovi, TNT and Firehouse, with pumping guitar anthems and first class vocals. If you liked Hair Metal back then, you should definitely check out Side Kixx today! Digitally remastered re-issue from Bad Repuation records.


01.Talk Of The Town

02.In The Night

03.Headin’ For A Heartache

04.Outta Love

05.Let it Go

06.No More (Getting’ the best of me)

07.She’s a Runner

08.You Make The Rockin’ World Go Round