Fist - In The Red +1 (digitally remastered) (CD)

Reference: 00220

new & sealed jewel case CD
Digital remastered, 1 bonus track

Label: Bad Reputation


Canadian hard rockers FIST were founded in 1979 by guitarist / singer Ron Chenier. They had the misfortune that there was an English NWOBHM act with the same name. This caused market confusion and the Canadian act was relegated to release their albums in Europe under the name MYOFIST. Their third album „Fleet Street“ (1983) was released in Europe under the title „Thunder In Rock“ and this album brought them on the map in Europe, too. Album # 4 „In The Red“ (1983) saw them heading for a slightly more commercial sound with a superb mixture of keyboards and razor sharp guitar riffs and it’s the real deal for the melodic rock lovers. First time ever on CD through Bad Reputation records, digitally remastered.


1.When I’m bad I’m better 2. Crazy on you 3. It Ain’t Good 4. Undercover lover 5. If I’m Not Loved 6. Over the line 7. Street Fighting Heroes 8. Day By Day 9. Gimme Love 10. Dirty Girl 11. New York City Bonus track. 12. Rock Ride *

* = bonus track