Six Silver Suns - As Archons Fall (CD)

Reference: 00210

new & sealed jewel case CD



Finnish outfit SIX SILVER SUNS and their debut “As Archon Fall“ sound like a hybrid of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT. This record is a fascinating journey through the sound of the seventies with some eighties flavour. A really beautiful artwork completes the picture of a breathtaking record here. Tracks like “Children Of The Stars“, “Lord Of The Southern Tower“ or “Cosmic Bitter Blues“ for instance make the listener constantly discover new exciting details. Let’s keep track of these guys from up North!


1. Lord Of The Southern Tower

2. To The Unknown

3. Children Of The Stars

4. Fading By Light

5. Sweet Promethean

6. Cosmic Bitter Blues

7. The Stranger

8. Vultures Of Nevermore

9. Edge Of Forever

10. A Night Upon My Shoulders

11. California Dreamin'