Keen Hue – Heydays (CD)

Reference: 00207

new & sealed jewel case CD



Swedish band KEEN HUE have basically inactive for a long time and even longer when it comes to most original members. The songs of this new lifesign have been written between 1981 and 1989 but newly recorded and freshly produced. Nevertheless, “Heydays“ sounds like they have never really been away and all of that after 26 (!) years. Vocalist Lars-Åke "Plåtis" Nilsson delivers a convincing performance and sounds pretty versatile. This record is nothing but a travel in time. It’s a journey into the high times of melodic rock, the “Heydays“. Although not every single track has got he quality of e.g. “Fly Away Honey“ or “Crossfire“, not only these songs prove that fans of the genre can’t do wrong here.



1 . Fly Away Honey

2. Blue Girls

3. Stay Around

4. Crossfire

5. Gimme Love

6. Take It Or Leave it

7. The Doctor´s Crying

8. We Don’t Need War

9. Wasted Time

10. Ogre King