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Child's Play - Rat Race / Long Way (2-CD) Slipcase

Reference: 00946

new & sealed jewel case CD in slipcase
Label: Bad Reputation


Founded in 1983, the Americans CHILD'S PLAY from Baltimore put out two albums which are rereleased here as a double CD. "Rat Race" (1990) with Brian Jack and "Long Way" (1993) with Tommy McRae singing. Nice hard rock somewhere inbetween the sound of RATT, POISON, TRIXTER, BRITNY FOX or CINDERELLA with a serious amount of groove. At the end of the day, this band came a few years too late to achieve greater success but qualitiy-wise the four-piece, is able to compete with the aforementioned bands. "Long Way" is probably a bit sleazier than the debut but definitely as good as it. (MS)


1. Good Ol' Rock and Roll
2. Day After Night
3. My Bottle
4. Rat Race
5. Wind
6. Evicted
7. Knock Me Out
8. Girl Like You
9. Capricorn/Bang Bang
10. Pay Your Dues
11. Damned if I Do
12. When Hell Freezes Over