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Dixon House Band - Fighting Alone (CD)

Reference: 00945

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Bad Reputation


Unfortunately, the one and only album of the DIXON HOUSE BAND from Seattle came out in 1979 and is nothing but a true gem for fans of BOSTON or STINGRAY. The Americans had certain connections to HEART, as they had the same management, and offered a lot of potential. Howard Leese (g, ex HEART) is guesting on one song.This amazing record is capturing the creative energy of the late seventies in a brilliant way. "Sooner Or Later" turned out to be a minor charts hit, though. This reissue does make sense! Comes remastered and should be part of every serious collection. (MS)


1. Sooner or Later
2. Crusader
3. Turn Around
4. Angela
5. Who's Gonna Love You Tonight
6. Fighting
7. Feelin No Pain
8. Runnin Scared
9. Saracen Ride
10. The Promise
11. Fighting Alone