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Legions Of The Night - Darkness (CD)

Reference: 00939

new & sealed jewel case CD
release date & first day of shipping: July 12th, 2024
Label: Pride & Joy Music


German power metal band LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT deliver yet another strong effort after their sophomore album "Hell" in 2022. "Darkness" is full of epic melodies, powerful riffs and massive atmosphere. Suitable for lovers of heavier stuff although they have lots of great hooks. Exceptional frontman Henne Basse (ex FIREWIND, METALLIUM, MAYAN) is one hell of a metal frontman. Highlights here are "No Control" and "Another Devil" as well as the mighty SAVATAGE cover "Tonight He Grins Again". Besides SAVATAGE, LEGIONS OF THE NIGHT seems to have bigger influences from classic US metal in the vein of OMEN or VICIOUS RUMOURS. (MS)


1. No Control 
2. Rebirth
3. Darkness
4. Hate
5. One Moment
6. Another Devil
7. Let The River Flow
8. Better Men
9. The Witches Are Burning
10. Leave Me
11. I Don't See The Light
12. Tonight He Grins Again