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Backbone Slide - Backbone Slide +2 (CD)

Reference: 00938

new & sealed jewel case CD
2 bonus tracks, limited on 500 copies, remastered
Pride & Joy Music Classixx 011
release date & first day of shipping: July 12th, 2024
Label: Pride & Joy Music


The eleventh issue of the Pride & Joy Classixx series once again is a true gem. German hard rock band BACKBONE SLIDE around CZAKAN musicians Frank Schrafft (b) and Olliver Güttinger (g) play slightly southern rock infused sounds and their 1994 debut came out at a time when music like this was basically dead. Nevertheless, the quality of the material speaks for itself. Slippery lyrics and artwork but great songs in the vein of LITTLE CAESAR, RHINO BUCKET and even BON JOVI can be found here. Frontman Shaun Williamson offers a lot of "dirt" in his powerful voice. Limited to 500 units. Grab it! (MS)


1. House Of Thunder
2. Rosi Lust
3. Cold Hearted
4. Come Home
5. Shout It Out
6. The Only One
7. Live Love Rock
8. That’s What Dreams Are For
9. Ya Do Ya
10. No Matter The Faith
11. Colores Bleed
12. You N I

Bonus Tracks
13. What Happened Top My $
14. Shout It Out - Live

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