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Heavy Star - Ride On (CD)

Reference: 00940

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Lions Pride Music


HEAVY STAR from Italy combine classic sounds somewhere between KISS and THE RAMONES, spiced with both some hair and glam metal as well as a spoonful of NWOBHM, topped with an up to date production. "Ride On" rocks for the most part but might find lots of competitors especially in Scandinavia. Tracks like "My Lady Firefly", "Lexi Love" or "Just Like Madness" are nothing but fun. It's pure rockn'n'roll at times but with a powerful sound for sure. Most of the tracks on "Ride On" manage to finally get you after two or three spins, though. (MS)


1. My Lady Firefly
2. Razor Blade
3. Lexi Love
4. Rock 'N' Roll Again
5. Horizon High
6. Ride On
7. Blame It On Love
8. Round And Round
9. Just Like Madness
10. Lifeline
11. Invisible Enemy
12. As The Wind Blows
13. Walk On Out