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Revelation - Secrets In The Dark (CD)

Reference: 00931

new & sealed jewel case CD
ltd. on 500 copies, handnumbered, remastered
Label: Arkeyn Steel


The reservoir of US metal bands from the 1980s seems to be almost inexhaustible. Revelation are no exception. Heavily influenced by colleagues such as Riot, the very early Virgin Steele, Lethal & Heir Apparent, this limited edition of 500 CDs offers great, original US metal from the 1980s. Most of the songs on this CD are taken from the 1990 demo of the same name, which makes it clear that there are a few compromises to be made when it comes to the sound. In 1995, the band changed their name to Silent Scream, material from which is also included here as a bonus. Cult! (BS)


1. Secrets In The Dark
2. Fight Or Fall
3. Tonight
4. Lady For The Blind
5. No Turning Back
6. Remember Tomorrow
7. Salvation
8. Castle Walls
9. Ashes In The Sky
10. Hammers Of Dawn
11. Silent Scream
12. Passages (After The Storm)
13. Shattered Dreams
14. November Wind (Live)

1-6 Secrets In The Dark (Demo 1990)
7 Unreleased Demo 1991
8-13 Silent Scream (Unreleased Demo 1995/6)
14 Live At The Channel, Boston, MA 3/1991