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Michael Bormann - Conspiracy (CD)

Reference: 00928

new & not sealed jewel case CD
Label: RMB Records


Former JADED HEART singer Michael Bormann is finally back in business. “Conspiracy” continues where Michael Bormann left off with JADED HEART, even though it didn't turn out as heavy and dynamic as JADED HEART albums like “IV” and “Trust” did. However, the 13 songs feature the classic Michael Bormann hooks and melodies that stick in your ear from the first moment you hear them. The best songs on the record are the DEF LEPPARD influenced “It's Only Physical” and the classic Melodic Rock anthems “Stand Up” and “Reaching Out”. The production and instrumentation could have turned out a little bit stronger, but all in all “Conspiracy” marks a successful comeback for Michael Bormann.   M.S.


1 Conspiracy
2 It's Only Physical
3 Stand Up
4 Two Of A Kind
5 No Regrets
6 Devil's Son
7 Ain't Just A Bit
8 Living Just A Lie
9 Reaching Out
10 One Man One Soul
11 So This Could Be You
12 Amazing
13 Samirangel