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Shadows Of Steel - Twilight II (CD)

Reference: 00927

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Label: Metallic Blue


"Twilight II" is the fifth album by the Italian symphonic power metal band Shadows Of Steel. It offers musically strong, epic metal in the vein of Rhapdsody Of Fire, Labyrinth and Stratovarius. Musically, the band shreds through highlights such as "Call Of Shadows" or "Power Of Dreams" at the speed of light, with majestic keyboards and virtuoso guitar often taking centre stage. However, you have to like Andrea De Stefanis' (Wild Steel) sometimes extremely high and strongly present voice. All in all, a really interesting album for fans of the bands mentioned above! (BS)


1. Call Of Shadows
2. Broken Mirror
3. Shine
4. Power Of Dreams
5. Crystal
6. Search For The Truth
7. Symphony
8. Angel Witch
9. The Beauty And The Beast
10. Dark Nights
11. Shadow Thief
12. Heavy Demons