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Chris Boudreaux - Who Made Who (CD)

Reference: 00925

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Metallic Blue


Friends of Bon Jovi, Unruly Child, B.E. Taylor and The Stand watch out! Chris Boudreaux was a member of Hunter and Soldier in the 1980s and played with members of the B.E. Taylor Group. Musically, the 17 songs contained here (incl. 3 demo tracks) offer all kinds of material for fans of the above-mentioned bands at a really high level! Guest musicians such as Donnie Iris, Pete Hewlett (Billy Joel, Novo Combo), B.E. Taylor (B.E. Taylor Group), Rick Witkowski (The Stand/Crack The Sky, B.E. Taylor Group), Mike Taris (Hunter), Frank Aresti (Fates Warning), Ian Crawford (Panic! At The Disco), Tracy Neilson (Soldier/Bad Boys), Paris Holley (Sly & The Family Stone) and others underpin the quality of this release recorded between 1985 and 2023! (BS)


1. Who Made Who
2. Turnaway Eyes
3. Baby Don’t Leave
4. Let’s Dance
5. Still Think About You (S.T.A.Y.)
6. The Beat
7. Boys Will Be Boys
8. 3 Words
9. Love Me In Leather
10. Talk Of The Town
11. Back To Me
12. Strange Fascination
13. Time To Be Young
14. Lullaby
15. Alone Tonight (Demo)
16. Slippin’ Apart (Demo)
17. Message Of Hope (Piano)