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Chris Boudreaux - Beside Myself (CD)

Reference: 00924

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Label: Metallic Blue


Chris Boudreaux's second album, "Beside Myself", also features numerous guests such as Mike Taris (Hunter), Thom Dorren (Lou Gramm), Mel Tribble (Secretz), Nicky Ford (Secretz), James Neal (Malice) and Todd Chase (Tuff). Compared to "Who Made Who", the overall sound is a little grittier, as the names of the guest musicians suggest. The album's highlight song is "Hunters In The Night", which would have been a highlight in any Hairspray formation of the late 1980s. A total of 17 songs including 3 demos and a guitar duel version and from the period between 1985 and 2023. cool! (BS)


1. Hunters In The Night
2. Missing You
3. One Eyed Jack
4. All In
5. Pretend You Cry
6. Time Never Knew
7. Two Fisted Night
8. So Far Away
9. No Easy Way Out
10. Can’t Stand Still
11. My Window
12. Over And Over
13. Why Did Our Love Go Away
14. Baby Don’t Leave (Dueling Guitars Version)
15. Young Girls In Love
16. Without Love (Demo)
17. Message Of Hope (Guitar)