Axel Rudi Pell - Risen Symbol (CD)

Reference: 00909

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Steamhammer / SPV


AXEL RUDI PELL with album number 22! Apart from the typical Pell-like hard rock anthems this time there is a certain LED ZEPPELIN touch noticible on the album. There is the track "Ankhaia", a track the legendary British band seem to have forgotten to write and then there is a very well-done cover version of "Immigrant Song". Frontman Johnny Gioeli (HARDLINE) once again fully delivers and I guess there is no discussion about the master's qualities in terms of songwriting and guitar foremost. From production to artwork and from arrangements to musicianship, everything is top-notch here. Thumbs up! (MS)


1. The Resurrection (Intro)
2. Forever Strong
3. Guardian Angel
4. Immigrant Song
5. Darkest Hour
6. Ankhaia
7. Hell's On Fire
8. Crying In Pain
9. Right On Track
10. Taken By Storm