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Tokyo Storm - Alien Radio Station (CD digipak)

Reference: 00906

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: self-released


Tokyo Storm are a new British AOR/melodic rock formation who have released an outstanding debut album on their own with ‘Alien Radio Station’. They offer catchy melodic rock, perfectly produced by the band and Sheena Sear (Magnum, among others), which is reminiscent of Praying Mantis, MSG (in Gary Barden's era) and Lionheart for long stretches. Singer Darren Collings in particular is reminiscent of Barden. In addition to the single ‘Pool Of Splendour’, tracks such as ‘Beyond The Moon’ and ‘Midnight Sky’ are among the highlights. A must-have for fans of the bands mentioned above! (BS)


1. Alien Radio Station 04:40
2. Beyond The Moon 03:42
3. Untamed Night 04:39
4. City Of Broken Souls 07:34
5. Dystopia 04:45
6. Pool Of Splendour 04:05
7. Turn Your Head Around 05:44
8. Midnight Sky 06:12
9. Cry On My Shoulder 05:30
10. On The Edge 05:36