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Tokyo Blade - Night Of The Blade +4 (CD)

Reference: 00896

new & sealed jewel case CD
remastered, 4 Bonustracks
Label: High Roller Records


Second album of the British band from 1984. It's a true classic of the late NWOBHM era which actually was a time when TOKYO BLADE really wrote great songs. Later on, quality faded a bit and the band had to deal with massive line-up changes. But "Night Of The Blade" offers epic tracks like "Warrior Of The Rising Sun" or dry rockers like "Rock Me To The Limit", for instance, that don't make prisoners. This record is essentiell to every collection. Comes remastered and - compared to the original version - with four bonus cuts, which were included in some of the earlier re-releases, though. (MS)


1. Someone To Love
2. Night Of The Blade
3. Rock Me To The Limit
4. Warrior Of The Rising Sun
5. Unleash The Beast
6. Lovestruck
7. Dead Of The Night
8. Lightning Strikes (Straight Through The Heart)
9. Madame Guillotine
10. Break Out
11. Fever
12. Attack Attack