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Night Pleasure Hotel - Portraits (CD)

Reference: 00895

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Art Of Melody


NIGHT PLEASURE HOTEL and their AOR and melodic rock hybrid is a new star in the genre galaxy. The Italians provide a great sense for arrangements, melodies and big emotions. "Portraits" offers twelve songs in total and they seem to range from somewhere between MECCA and PRISM to even TOTO and PRIDE OF LIONS. Frontman Alex Mari fully convinces with a multi-layered and blistering performance. The production of "Portraits" is very good and lifts up great songs like "Just This One", "Sweet Melodies Of Rain" or "You And I" easily. Definitely worth checking out! (MS)


1. Niko
2. Just This Once
3. We Say Goodbye
4. Walking Through The Horizon
5. You And I
6. Sweet Melodies Of Rain
7. Shivers
8. What I Feel
9. Julia
10. Suddenly
11. For You
12. Quella Sera (Bonus Track)