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White Blast - In Your Face (CD)

Reference: 00891

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Label: self-released75


White Blast are the ‘baby’ of Spanish guitarist Miguel Angel Lopez, who has been active in his home country for 30 years and has played alongside Spanish greats such as Edge Of The Blade and Rage Of Romance. For the current album by his band White Blast, he was able to sign up two well-known musicians, Alan Kelly (Shy) and John Francis (After Hours). The album offers rousing, top-class melodic rock, which also scores highly with some song gems such as the catchy track ‘Hold Me’ and the stomping rocker ‘Soldiers Of The Night’! For friends of Shy and Praying Mantis, this is a real treat! Guest appearances by Tino Troy and Rowan Robertson amongst others. (BS)


1. Rain Keeps Falling
2. Let It Rock
3. Hell Is Waiting
4. Low Down And Dirty
5. Hold Me
6. Soldiers Of The Night
7. Red Sky Burning
8. Third Time Under
9. Free Falling
10. Love Has Gones
11. Give It All