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Freak Kitchen - Everyone Gets Bloody (CD)

Reference: 00886

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Thunderstruck


Swedich outfit FREAK KITCHEN without doubt is one of the most innovative and exciting bands out there. Of course, there is KING'S X but apart from them, the guys around guitarrist, producer and mastermind play in their own league. Finest riff-driven and constantly melodic hard rock with lots of progressive and even a few jazzy elements at times is showcased here. On their tenth effort, too, the three-piece delivers deep, meaningful lyrics, constant surprises and an unbelievable amount of groove and foremost: intensity in all respects. FREAK KITCHEN rule! (MS)


1. Everyone Gets Bloody
2. Medal
3. Slip
4. Small Acts Of Rebellion
5. The Grief That Does Not Speak
6. Gravity Works
7. Psy Co Op
8. Down The Drain
9. The Expert
10. Session Is Over
11. Pissing Contest