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Cold Sweat - Unburied Alive (CD)

Reference: 00862

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: RFK Media


As the 80's ended and the 90's began, many great melodic hard rock bands and albums got caught in the cultural crossfire. One such band is Cold Sweat, founded by KEEL guitarist Marc Ferrari, who released the Kevin Beamish-produced cult classic "Breakout" on MCA Records in 1990. RFK Media is proud to have discovered four lost unreleased vintage studio recordings, in addition to live tracks from their triumphant 2020 reunion on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise, plus highlights from their 1990 appearance at the Super Rock Festival in Mannheim, Germany, supporting Whitesnake and Aerosmith. Unheard until now, this is Cold Sweat - "Unburied Alive". (PR info)


1 Rain Down
2 Claim to Fame
3 Long Gone
4 Out on My Own
5 Let's Make Love Tonight (Live 2020)
6 Long Way Down (Live 2020)
7 Four on the Floor (Live 2020)
8 Lovestruck (Live 2020)
9 Cryin' Shame (Live 2020)
10 Killing Floor (Live 2020)
11 Mannheim Medley (Live 2020)