Scanner - The Cosmic Race (CD)

Reference: 00751

new & sealed CD Mediabook with Patch
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


German band SCANNER around frontman Efthimios Ioannidis and guitarist Axel Julius are back. The latter is resposible for all the songwriting including the lyrics. The concept album about the survival of mankind in a far away future is the first SCANNER output in almost a decade. "The Cosmic Race" is  melodic power metal with epic moments and partly pretty fast songs which illustrate the story musically. Just check out "The Earth Song" and "A New Horizon". Style-wise mostly at home in the territory of GRAVE DIGGER, HELLOWEEN or (old) BLIND GUARDIAN but without being that good (for the most part). (MS)


1. The Earth Song 

2. Face The Fight 

3. Warriors Of The Light 

4. Dance Of The Dead 

5. Scanner's Law 

6. A New Horizon 

7. Farewell To The Sun 

8. Space Battalion 

9. The Last And First In Line