Lord Tracy - Deaf Gods Of Babylon (CD)

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Label: Bad Reputation

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"Deaf Gods Of Babylon" (1989) from LORD TRACY was voted rank 50 in a list of the most influencial hair metal albums by Rolling Stone and thanks to Bad Reputation Records it's rereleased these days. Frontman Terry Glaze (ex PANTERA) and the guys are fun. The Americans mix up various genres like glam metal, hard rock or MOTÖRHEAD sounds among others to form a comparatively unique mixture. Among the many highlights you find "She's A Bitch", "Chosen Ones", "Rats Motel" or "King Of The Nighttime Cowboys". Although there is no bonus whatsoever included, "Deaf Gods Of Babylon" is still a cool record. (MS)


1. Out With The Boys

2. East Coast Rose

3. She's A Bitch

4. Barney's Wank/Whatchadoin'

5. Chosen Ones

6. In Your Eyes

7. Rats Motel

8. Foolish Love

9. She Man Blues

10. King Of The Nighttime Cowboys

11. 3 H. C.

12. Submission

13. Pirahna

14. Ivory Lover