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Kenny McGee - The Picture (CD)

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new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Eönian Records


KENNY MCGEE (v, JULIETT, HEARTLESS) with a new solo album. The American has lost nothing in terms of power and attitude over the years. A track like "Tennessee Run" sounds pretty much like a POISON ballad we probably haven't heard in decades. "That’s The Guitar My Daddy Played"is a pretty emotional track. KENNY MCGEE provides a fantastic voice showcasing timeless and amazing song material. This album is American hard rock as it should be. The only negative fact is that only eight songs are to be found on "The Picture" making it an enjoyable but short ride. (MS)


1. Broke Down In Hollywood

2. Tennessee Run

3. Better Off

4. Love’s The Last To Know

5. Ronnie & Me

6. That’s The Guitar My Daddy Played

7. Low

8. The Game