Lazarus Dream - Imaginary Life (CD)

Reference: 00740

new & sealed jewel case CD
1 bonus track on the CD version
release date & first day of shipping: January 19th, 2024
Label: Pride & Joy Music


LAZARUS DREAM, that's Markus Pfeffer (g, WINTERLAND, BARNABAS SKY, ex SCARLETT) and Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (v, ex-DOMAIN, EVIDENCE ONE) as well as drummer Markus Herzog (DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROM) from now on. Pfeffer's songwriting consists of melodic hard rock here. Album number three is less experimental as the last one ("Lifeline" from 2022) which has been a conscious decision. Apart from rockers like "Rebel Again" or "Vertigo", there's a beautiful ballad ("Beauty Among The Ruins"). Stephan Lill (g, VANDEN PLAS) guests with a guitar solo. Definitely check out the mighty opener "The Sweetest Chaos". (MS)


1. The Sweetest Chaos 

2. Vulture's Cry 

3. Rebel Again 

4. My Imaginary Life 

5. Beauty Among The Ruins 

6. Disaster Love 

7. Vertigo 

8. My Prayer 

9. Drink My Blood 

10. Empire Of Thorns 

11. Colours Of The Moon (bonus track)