P.M. Heat - Breaking The Ice +4 (CD)

Reference: 00738

new & sealed jewel case CD
remastered, 4 bonus tracks
Label: Metallic Blue Records


P.M. HEAT from Texas, USA with their 1990 debut album, only available on cassette back in the day. AOR/melodic tunes in the vein of WHITE SISTER, DRIVE SHE SAID or WINTER ROSE. Frontman Dave Stone might not be an exceptional vocalist but sounds very passionate and authentic. Comes with the 1989 4-track EP as bonus tracks and is remastered. Keyboard-soaked and hook-ladden songs with a lovely nostalgic touch. A true gem of a great era for AOR and melodic rock. Highlights are for instance "Could It Be You" and "She’s Gonna Leave Again". (MS)


1. Power (bonus)

2. Could It Be You (bonus)

3. I Wanna Rock (bonus)

4. Never Break My Heart (bonus)

5. Hold On Tight

6. She’s Gonna Leave Again

7. Borrowed Time

8. One On One

9. Over The Edge

10. Romeo

11. When Tonight Is Over

12. If We Ever Meet Again

13. Bring On The Night

14. Round And Round