Eric Martin Band - Sucker For A Pretty Face +8 (Original Sessions) (CD)

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new & sealed jewel case CD
8 bonus tracks
Label: Metallic Blue Records

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The 1983 debut of the later MR.BIG frontman Eric Martin. The ERIC MARTIN BAND, formerly called 415, and their at times slightly rough hard and melodic rock fully delivers. "Sucker For A Pretty Face", the first of three albums of this short-lived band, is an essentiell item to every serious collection. The characteristic voice of the American already shines bright on this debut but also songwriting and production are of the finest sort. You get seven (!) extra tracks from the very sessions along with the eight songs originally chosen by the major label back then plus the THE SUPREMES cover "Stop In The Name Of Love". (MS)


1. Sucker For A Pretty Face

2. Don’t Stop

3. Private Life

4. Letting It Out

5. Young At Heart

6. One More Time

7. Catch Me If You Can

8. Love Me

9. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (bonus)

10. Love In Question (bonus)

11. Been Around And Back Again (bonus)

12. King Of The Hill (bonus)

13. Love Lines (bonus)

14. Street Dance (bonus)

15. Rock This Town (bonus)

16. Stop In The Name Of Love (bonus)