Girish & The Chronicles - Back On Earth (CD)

Reference: 00186

new & sealed jewel case CD

release date & first day of shipping: January 27th, 2023

Label: Frontiers Music


Originally released in 2014, the debut album of the Indian band GIRISH & THE CHRONICLES, sees the light of day again, in a re-recorded and re-charged version. “Back On Earth“ is a powerful, rough piece of music which contains great melodies, though. It is way rougher than the previous efforts of the band. Tracks like “Ride To Hell“, “Born With A Big Attitude“ or “I Wanna Get That Login Again“ will please fans of harder sounds and lovers of melodic hard rock alike. This band has to become massively successful! Sounds like early SKID ROW at times, though. Another track to check out immediately is the beautiful and emotional ballad „Yesteryears“. (MS)


1. Ride To Hell
2. Loaded
3. Born With A Big Attitude
4. Shot By The Cupid, Touched By The Devil
5. Angel
6. I Wanna Get That Lovin’ Again
7. Hey You
8. Yesteryears
9. Smile Little Child
10. The Revolving Barrel
11. Golden Crown
12. End Of Civilization