Terra Atlantica - Beyond The Borders (CD)
  • Terra Atlantica - Beyond The Borders (CD)

Terra Atlantica - Beyond The Borders (CD)

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“Beyond the Borders” is the next milestone in the history of Terra Atlantica, pushing the boundaries of the genre by adding stage musical elements and creating a new world full of magic and adventures.
Set in the year 1848, the story takes place two decades after the predecessor “Age of Steam”!

With the British Empire being defeated, the vacuum of power in Europe has led to the uprising of the Prussian dynasty, ruling over the continent with a fist of steel. A group of young people set out on a quest  to fight against this oppression with the aid of a magical stone which supposedly will guide them the way to Atlantica. But they are being followed! A pursuit across land and sea begins…

Guest performances by Anders Sköld (Veonity), Alex Hunzinger (Ex-Aeternitas) and Joan Pabon (Tragedian). The album was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Pretty Maids etc.)


01. Overture
02. The Scarlet Banners
03. Far from Alive
04. Beyond the Borders
05. Sun of Pontevedra
06. Guns and Drums
07. Just One Look
08. Hellfire
09. Pirate Bay
10. The Great Escape
11. Take us Home