Gypsy Rose - Reloaded
  • Gypsy Rose - Reloaded

Gypsy Rose - Reloaded (CD)

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The band GYPSY ROSE was founded back in 1981 in Sweden by Håkan Gustafsson and Martin Kronlund, but their self-titled debut album was just released in 2005 - almost 25 years later! Now life has not been all too kind for the band during the 80's. Labels that went belly-up after signing, warm attention from foreign producers (Taavi Mote - Geffen Records) that in the end was nothing more than a cold shower.

Finally GYPSY ROSE broke up in 1993, but thanks to Andrew McNeice   at the group got together again in 2004 and started the recordings in Martins Kronlund’s studio.

Now, the album is re-released on CD and digital under the new name “Reloaded” with a new cover, re-mastered by Martin Kronlund and with the bonus track “Solitude” added.



Håkan Gustafsson- Vocals

Martin Kronlund- Guitars

Mats Bostedt- Bass

Rikard Quist- Keyboards

Imre Daun- Drums

Mats Levèn- Backing Vocals



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