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Hello everyone,

another busy week is ahead of us as a lot exiting new releases have arrived today! Person To Person, Brett Walker, Cloud Cirkus & St. Valentine all are in stock now and we also have some more stock of Secret (Stop This World) and The Last Temptation available! 

Some labels just seem to announce their new releases now a couple of days before they’ll get the CD’s, ship them without sending us the promised tracking links or don’t inform anyone about postponed/ delayed releases anymore – this sometimes makes it really unpredictable for us when we’ll get which title but looking onto the massive release schedule (down below at ‘coming next’) for April, there should be new titles available next month almost on every day!


Have a great week!





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Bai Bang - Sha Na Na Na (CD)

14,90 €

Looking for feel good music? Swedish outfit BAI BANG and "Sha Na Na Na" might be the perfect choice. As usual, the guys around frontman Diddi Kastenholt offer a great mixture of glam and hard rock with a little slice of classic melodic rock. Everything is well-produced, comparatively versatile and comes without fillers whatsoever in terms of songwriting. An experienced band, regularly putting out great albums, which must have been way bigger by now as tracks like "My Favorite Enemy", "I Wanna Rock'n'Roll or "Motivated" easily prove. The latter having a remarkable DEf LEPPARD touch whereas the surprising ABBA cover "Rock Me" suits the flow of the album perfectly.


Tragedian - Master Of Illusions (CD)

14,90 €

TRAGEDIAN from Hamburg/Germany with their fifth effort. It's music for metal traditionalists, e.g. for fans of GAMMA RAY, STORMHAMMER or TERRA ATLANTICA. Mastermind Gabriele Palermo (g) and the guys know their stuff and offer mostly melodic anthems, partly with epic arrangements full of excitement. The sound is all but perfect but somehow authentic. The CD version contains three bonus cuts! For a first impression "Freedeom" with its obvious HELLOWEEN references might be a very good choice. Well done also is the final track and ballad-like song "Obscured Dreams". The great shape from the last album "Seven Dimensions" (2021) is met for sure!



14,90 €

Holy cow! Even though his 2020 debut "King Of Hearts" was really not bad, I didn't expect such a high-class second album from CHRIS ROSANDER. From the flawless songwriting to the sophisticated TOTOesque arrangements and backing vocals, everything is just right here! "Only Hearts Die Young", the AOR anthem "High On Love", or the brilliantly arranged "This Isn't New" will inevitably bring tears of joy to fans of bands like WORK OF ART, STATE OF SALAZAR and TOTO. And that's even before song no. 10 "Turn You Heart To Stone" even starts. What a killer AOR track! In addition, the 25-year-old Swede delivers a world-class vocal performance and knocks out one brilliant guitar solo after the other. "Must buy" for fans of the above mentioned bands!



14,90 €

In 1989 the highly acclaimed debut of the German band CZAKAN saw the light of day. Although the reviews and critics were very positive throughout and sales figures were pretty good for a newcomer band, the album developed into more of an insider tip and a very sought-after rarity in the following years. Rightly so, because "State Of Confusion" is a hard rock album on the highest level, which can easily keep up with works of bands like CHINA, BONFIRE, LOVETRICK or KINGDOM. Even the early phase of PINK CREAM 69 (especially the strong guitar work) is often reminded.
The rare album is now re-released with a remastered sound & new booklet. Grab it and don't miss the journey with full throttle into the year 1989!



14,90 €

The career of the Swedes MISS BEHAVIOUR started in 2006 with their debut album "Heart Of Midwinter". At that time, it was released in small numbers on a small indie label. After three strong follow-up AOR-albums reason enough to present the almost forgotten (and rare) debut now again to a larger public. The re-release presents the band on a stage of discovering: the already present AOR sound (for example the EUROPE-like opener "Shine", or "Precious Time" with big backing vocals) is complemented here and there by slight metal and melodicrock influences. Fans of Scandinavian Melodic Rock a la LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM oder LEVERAGE can grab this strong debut without hesitation. Ltd. to 500 CD's only, comes with a new booklet.




Ad Infinitum - Chapter III - Downfall (CD | Digipak)

15,50 €

"In 2023, rising modern symphonic metal outfit AD INFINITUM reenter the scene with their electrifying third studio album, Chapter III – Downfall, out March 31 via Napalm Records. AD INFINITUM's signature sound - consisting of punching, modern, even progressive riffs, addictive symphonic nuances, hooky choruses and Melissa Bonny's inimitably versatile vocal skills - has positioned them for unstoppable ascension in the metal world, and is now perfected with ease on Chapter III – Downfall. This next offering provides another wave of proof of the band’s breakout success, which the energizing four-piece - consisting of Melissa Bonny (vocals), Adrian Thessenvitz (guitars), Korbinian Benedict (bass) and Niklas Müller (drums) - garnered almost immediately, with millions of video views and streams worldwide since the release of their debut in 2020.

Chapter III – Downfall bewitches with an innovative sound full of soaring melodic splendor, juxtaposed against brooding, dark, even gothic heaviness. Exploring concepts of Ancient Egyptian history and mythology, AD INFINITUM melds a perfect balance of storytelling and technically sophisticated songwriting, spreading their wings in both areas of production and lyricism. Charging instrumentals, pounding drums, chunky, grooving riffs, mind-boggling solos and enchanting orchestrations build the band's unique world of sound as frontwoman-to-watch Melissa Bonny’s soul-stirring cleans and haunting growls put her incredible vocal range on display - dropping jaws with each line. Opening track “Eternal Rains” immediately catches your breath with a captivating chorus, followed by eclectric “Upside Down” - defying all rules by combining epic melodies and demonic growls with finesse. “Seth” convinces with a resounding modern sound and eerie ambience that’ll have new fans turning heads, whereas “From The Ashes” impresses with reminiscence of artists like Meshuggah, proving that AD INFINITUM never fails in delivering surprises. “Somewhere Better” creates a perfect symbiosis of vicious vocals and ethereal soundscapes, carrying the listener far away with its wide range of infallible instrumentals. “Under The Burning Skies” directs its haunting vocals towards the horizon, unfolding into an intense mid-tempo ballad shortly after. And, as a special treat, AD INFINITUM welcomes Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie, who provides his voice for the atmospheric monologue introduction on “Legends”, paving the way for a touch of Middle Eastern-inspired djent flavor.

Produced by AD INFINITUM and Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, Chapter III – Downfall showcases that this up-and-coming quartet can effortlessly turn the genre upside down, gracing it with contemporary vibes without forgoing their signature metal origins, and thrilling all metal fans as they rise tot the top!"

Last In Line - Jericho (CD)

19,00 €

LAST IN LINE, one of the most consistant and best so-called supergroups with their third output. Right away, the opener "Not Today Satan" takes you into a stream of hard rock, passion and emotion. Andrew Freeman (v), Vivian Campell (g, DEF LEPPARD), Vinny Appice (ex BLACK SABBATH) (d) and Phil Soussan (b, ex OZZY OSBOURNE) showcase all their exceptional talents and hand over twelve hard rock gems. The powerful and very organic sound differs from most of their competitors these days. It's like you witness them write, develop and record the songs in their rehearsal space, which they actually did. If you don't feel the magic of tracks like "Ghosttown", well, let's leave it this way...


Steve Emm - First Strike (CD)

15,50 €

From the same label which brings us all those fantastic Lost U.S./U.K. jewels re-issues comes this Italian singer / songwriter. After many past and present collaborations with underground bands in the Milan area, the talented multi-instrumentalist Steve Emm (aka Stefano Mainini) last year decided to start his own Hard Rock/AOR project, simply called after his name. After a self released EP in 2019 he caught the attention of Steelheart Records which gave him the chance to record a full album. "First Strike" is a clear hommage on the glorious sound of the 80s AOR- and melodic rock era. Steve Emm might not be the next Mark Free, but he sings with power and passion  and the album should find a good home with AOR lovers.

Steve Emm - Dangerous Goods (CD)

15,50 €

Madonna, what a record Stefano Mainini aka Steve Emm has recorded! Well, the review might as well end here, because if you are a lover of aor/westcoast with the sound rooted in the early 80s, you should definitely buy and consume this record.

If the first album First Strike (review HERE) focused on '85 to '89 as references and offered songs that had their strength in the chorus hook, the atmospherics on this second Dangerous Goods are more dedicated to the pre-'85s, with insane attention to recreating the sounds of the era with detail, precision and a 360-degree view.

You breathe the air of American soloists à la Rick Springfield and Eddie Money, but also Benny Mardones, especially on vocals. From the first tracks the music flows like a river in the sounds of the eighties and the impression of a record straight out of that era is clear and consistent, also thanks to the timbre Steve managed to give to the sound, listen to the opener In And Out Of Love to believe it. Shock My Heart, with its potential radio hit structure, is more along the lines of the 'pop anthem' of those years. Power Switch is more laid back and quiet, while Girl Like You is a Huey Lewis And The News piece and immediately catapults you into Back To The Future atmospheres with its saxophone interludes. Other tracks of outstanding calibre are: Breakin' The Ice and Junk Love with an almost Survivor-like tempo, Lack Of Will with a blues soul and the closing ballad Every Little Piece Of My Heart where tribute is paid to Rick Springfield and we enjoy a chilling sax solo.

The whole album grows with each listen and gives an impression of maturity and confidence that is rare in these latitudes. Any American producer in his prime would have been desperate to get his hands on a batch of songs like this, and if Mecca's latest album has made use of Stefano's songwriting skills, it must mean something. The best release of the year so far at least, but I'm pretty sure it'll have no trouble making the top ten for many of us.

Cloud Cirkus - Cloud Cirkus (CD)

Jakob Samuel - lead vocals (Ex The Poodles)

15,50 €

Cloud Cirkus is back with a new single and a full album. With their roots in 70’s progressive rock and shaped by their individual backgrounds as artists, musicians, songwriters and producers, Cloud Cirkus’ debut album is a boiling mix of ve di-erent personalities. Hard ri-s, catchy melodies, cinematic folk tunes, psychedelic and funky blues can all be found in the expanding universe that is Cloud Cirkus. Cloud Cirkus is a pleasure-driven and permi ing band where everybody’s di-erences and preferences become guiding principles that contribute to a bubbling, exciting whole.

Person To Person - The Complete Recordings (2CD)

19,00 €

MelodicRock Records released a 6-disc retrospective of Brett Walker‘s career in 2018, which quickly sold out. The set included unreleased material from Brett‘s DAT archives and, for the first time, the coveted Person to Person demos. Due to demand, MelodicRock Classics released two exclusive new releases, Person to Person - ‚The Complete Record-ings‘ (2CD set) and Brett Walker - ‚Highlights From The Last Parade‘ (2CD set), offering a total of 4 discs of Brett Walker and Person to Person magic. The original box set purchase included over 50 bonus tracks as MP3 downloads, some of which have been curated to appear as bonus tracks on each release - exclusively on CD for the first time. The band‘s only promo photo was used in black and white for the cover of Person to Person and coloured using AI colouring technology.

Brett Walker – Highlights From The Last Parade (2CD)

19,00 €

MelodicRock Records released a 6-disc retrospective of Brett Walker‘s career in 2018, which quickly sold out. The set included unreleased material from Brett‘s DAT archives and, for the first time, the coveted Person to Person demos. Due to demand, MelodicRock Classics released two exclusive new releases, Person to Person - ‚The Complete Record-ings‘ (2CD set) and Brett Walker - ‚Highlights From The Last Parade‘ (2CD set), offering a total of 4 discs of Brett Walker and Person to Person magic. The original box set purchase included over 50 bonus tracks as MP3 downloads, some of which have been curated to appear as bonus tracks on each release - exclusively on CD for the first time. The band‘s only promo photo was used in black and white for the cover of Person to Person and coloured using AI colouring technology.

ST. Valentine - St. Valentine (CD)

15,50 €

Hollywood, ca was the mecca of the hard rock world in the mid to late 1980s. bands were getting signed by major record companies left and right and even bands that didn't grasp the gold ring were receiving national and international acclaim from magazines both small and large. the five members of st. valentine were the epitome of the phrase "rock star’ during this time period.

As press outlets were singing their praises north american a&r people began paving attention and before long the band's phone was ringing off the hook. capturing the ear - and eve – of renowned bassist dana strum of slaughter and vinnie vincent's invasion, and a man who obviously knew a good thing when he heard it, st. valentine set up shop in various la area studios and got to work cutting demos to be sent to the a&r reps that had been knocking on their door, with one label, specifically - chrysalis records - in the hot seat.

While the band worked in the studio, they kept their live game up, consistently selling out shows at the country club, the roxy, whisky and gazzarri's every month. st. valentine looked like rock stars, they acted like rock stars and they had the rock star stage show to go along withit. they were destined for stardom... until record company focus changed and the slick and polished sound of st. valentine was no longer what everyone was looking for. time had moved on, unfortunately.

Thanks to the internet, however, interest in st. valentine has more than resurfaced, it's become explosive once again as facebook groups and internet forums devoted to that era has once again pushed the quintet from hollywood to the forefront of the ‘action.’

The Flood - Hear Us Out (CD)

15,50 €

THE FLOOD, that‘s Chris Ousey (v, HEARTLAND, VIRGINIA WOLF, SNAKECHARMER), Jim Kirkpatrick (g, FM), Billy Sheehan (b, MR.BIG), Nigel Glockner (d, SAXON) and (!) Didge Digital (keys, ex-FM). Powerful, highly melodic hard rock that comes with a great production, too, and is crafted extremely well. „Hear Us Out" is already a highlight of the year. Let alone the title track or „Dangerous Dawn" and „Stand Up" shine. The vocals at times are surprisingly reminscent of Eric Martin (MR.BIG) and there are absolutely no fillers or average songs to be found on this hard rock output. Great record that brings togehter the individual talents of the protagonists in a magnificient way.!

Stormwarning - Stormwarning (CD) (CD)

17,50 €

STORMWARNING from Argentina and their AOR and melodic rock bring back the good old times of eighties rock sounds. Sergio Mazul (SEMBLANT) and Marcelo Gelbcke (LANDFALL) produced the album, like they did on the ICON OF SIN debut from Brazil in 2021. Let alone the opener "Eye Of The Storm" shine which will be ear candy for sure. Frontman Santiago Ramonda, who recently aroused lots of attention with cover versions on YouTube does one hell of a job on "Stormwarning" and has left his mark already. This will be the start of something bigger. "Neon Skies" and "Way Of The Warrior" are two of many additional highlights with huge hooklines as well as the ballad "Question Of Time". Thumbs up! 

Phantom Elite - Blue Blood (CD)

17,50 €

Rather modern heavy or symphonic female-fronted metal with Marina La Torraca (EXIT EDEN, AVANTASIA) on vocals and some international musicians play music that fans of WITHIN TEMPTATION, DELAIN or LAST EDEN will dig. The song material might not be on a constant high level but offers melodic and dreamy moments as well as harder, riff orientated periods (e.g. "Apex"). The beautiful "Birdcage" might not be representative for the album but a true highlight nevertheless. The playful "Fragments" with its sophisticated breaks is definitely worth to be mentioned, too. Album number three of PHANTOM ELITE includes progressive elements as well ("Blue Blood"). A powerful production and quite an unusual artwork completes the picture here.

Seven Spires - Live At ProgPower XXI (CD)

17,50 €

A fine live document of American progressive metal-outfit SEVEN SPIRES. Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan, who we know through her participation in the AVANTASIA live band, offers an interesting and versatile voice which often surprises. You get songs from all previous three records and the special feature of this gig is a guest appearance by Roy Khan (v, CONCEPTION, ex-KAMELOT) on the song "This God Is Dead". The pretty hard sounds might not be everybody's cup of tea but generally speaking, the songs, at times rocking and at times definitely evoking emotions or simply sounding melancholic and bittersweet will please fans who exactly get what they want here.

The Answer - Sundowners (CD | digisleeve)

17,50 €

British rock legends The Answer are back after a seven-year absence with their seventh full studio album "Sundowners". Produced by British rock producer Dan Weller (Enter Shikari / Bury Tomorrow), the new album is an exceptional record that is sure to be one of the rock albums of 2023. With over 300,000 albums sold from their catalogue and tours with AC/DC and the Rolling Stones, The Answer's comeback is feverishly anticipated by fans. The album was recorded in April 2023 at Middlefarm Studios in Devon, UK.

Transworld Identity - Seven Worlds (CD)

17,50 €

Hard rock from Finland. Frontwoman Mila Bosa and her companions, who have played or play in various Finnish outfits, put out their debut. Lots of positive, melodic tracks which spread fun allover the place like "Play_Pretend", "I'm Such A Liar" or "Starchild" as well as rather contemporary and almost poppy tunes like "In For The Long Haul" or "Part Maroon, Part Indigo". TRANSWORLD IDENTITY offers the full picture here. The title track comes with lots of roaring guitars, too. To sum it up, a great mixture of Scandinavian melodic rock and melodic hard rock. A new name in the scene and a very promising debut! Keep an eye on them!

Cross Country Driver - The New Truth (CD)

17,50 €

Hard rock from America with lots of well-known protagonists. "The New Truth" is basically put together by Rob Lamothe (v/g, RIVERDOGS), James Harper (g, FIGHTING FRIDAY) and Zander Lamothe (d, LOGAN STAATS BAND). Guests like Dug Pinnick (KINGS'S X), VIVIAN CAMPELL (g, DEF LEPPARD) or Mike Magnini (d, DREAM THEATER) add some individual flavour to the songs. A record with plenty of depth, authenticity and great musical talent foremost. Lots of seventies vibe in there but actually the material is as unique as RIVERDOGS have always been. A very honest but definitely not a typical Frontiers release, though.

RPWL - Crime Scene (CD | digipak)

17,50 €

The German art rockers from Freising surprise with a new concept album called "Crime Scene" - but why actually? As always, atmospheric prog rock of the extra class is offered. Always gripping, with great melodies, poignant guitar and a musical beauty that only a few bands such as Pink Floyd were granted. Still, the work offers an exquisite listening experience that never feels boring or cribbed from their now stately own history. RPWL are authentic, innovative and musically outstanding - in other words: also with "Crime Scene" once again settled on the pole position in the genre!

MASS - Voices In The Night (CD) Gold Disc Edition

19,50 €

“Retractive Records brings you this stone-cold classic – the 2023 Voices In The Night re-issue featuring the remastering genius of Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound (plus two bonus tracks!) which puts this iconic 1989 Enigma Records release on another stratosphere! The album was produced by fellow label-mate Michael Sweet (Stryper), who definitely helped the band find a more polished hard rock/AOR vibe similar to Stryper, Guardian, TNT, Dokken and White Lion. Limited to just 500 CDs worldwide, grab this while you can!” -Retroactive Records

Black Sheep - Trouble In The Streets  (CD)

17,50 €

Black Sheep is an LA-based band that has seen a revolving door of talented players over the years, including Slash (Guns N‘ Roses), Mitch Perry (Steeler, Talas, MacAulley-Schenker Group), James Kottak (Scorpions), and Dweezil Zappa. However, the constant member has been singer Willie Basse. The band‘s debut album was released in 1985 by Enigma Records. Other notable members include Kyle Harrison (Trampled Underfoot), Kurt James (Steeler, Dr. Master Mind), Randy Catillo (formerly Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue), Jeff Northrup (formerly King Kobra, currently XYZ), Randii Meers (formerly Black Oak Arkansas), Geezer Butler (currently plays with Kyle in Trampled Underfoot), and Paul Carmen (formerly and currently with Leather Wolf).

Redemption - I Am The Storm (CD)

18,00 €

Progressive metal of the finest sort. REDEMPTION with their seventh record and like on the previous output "Long Night's Journey Into Day" (2018) Tom Englund (v, EVERGREY) teams up with mastermind and songwriter Nicholas Van Dyk (keys) again. Two somehow surprising cover versions (GENESIS - "Turn It On Again" und PETER GABRIEL - "Red Rain") as well as guest appearances from Chris Poland (g, ex-MEGADETH) or Henrik Danhage (g, EVERGREY) add additional flavour here. Just check out the majestic "The Emotional Depiction Of Light" which comes in two different versions and the quite heavy "Seven Minutes From Sunset". A mostly melancholic record that creates goosebumps.

Kamelot - The Awakening (CD)

18,00 €

Rather modern heavy or symphonic female-fronted metal with Marina La Torraca (EXIT EDEN, AVANTASIA) on vocals and some international musicians play music that fans of WITHIN TEMPTATION, DELAIN or LAST EDEN will dig. The song material might not be on a constant high level but offers melodic and dreamy moments as well as harder, riff orientated periods (e.g. „Apex"). The beautiful „Birdcage" might not be representative for the album but a true highlight nevertheless. The playful „Fragments" with its sophisticated breaks is definitely worth to be mentioned, too. Album number three of PHANTOM ELITE includes progressive elements as well („Blue Blood"). A powerful production and quite an unusual artwork completes the picture here.

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love - The Big Easy (CD)

15,90 €

Hair metal heroes John Diva & The Rockets Of Love will release their third album "The Big Easy" on March 17, 2023. Their second work "American Amadeus" was an ode to glam metal, but for album number three the five musicians reflect on what they do best: straightforward, refreshing rock with striking riffs, hard beats, multi-layered lyrics and a frontman in top form. The wait is finally over: JOHN DIVA is back!
No frills, no bullshit, but stadium anthems for the very big stage. We have been waiting for it and finally it is done: John Diva is back! "Remember 80-something - we never seemed to miss a thing".

Narnia - Ghost Town (CD)

16,50 €

On the ninth studio album, Ghost Town, Narnia has picked the icing on the cake from its vast catalog. You cant simply label this album a neoclassic metal album or a power metal album, even though these elements are present. There are also parts that are progressive, modern, heavy, or just creatively different. But you can summarize by saying this is well-crafted piece of classic and melodic metal. For fans of Yngwie J Malmsteen, Masterplan, Europe and Dream Theater. Another fine effort for the numerous fans of this classic White Metal band!

Rexoria - Imperial Dawn (CD)

16,50 €

REXORIA is a heavy/power metal band with folk influences that exudes high energy. Frontwoman Frida Ohlin has a unique voice that is both powerful and raspy with a soft touch that adds magic to the band's fast and heavy music. The band's third studio album, "Imperial Dawn," is a step up for them, showcasing strong melodies, heavy riffs, and exciting keyboard playing that is sure to please fans of groups such as Battle Beast, Amaranthe, Dynazty, Unleash the Archers, and Beast in Black. The album features a mix of energetic, heavy, melodic, and powerful songs that will appeal to a wide audience. With "Imperial Dawn," REXORIA hopes to gain the appreciation of both existing and new fans. Frida expresses her excitement for the album's release, as it is their strongest effort yet. Jonas shares her enthusiasm, welcoming listeners to the new era of REXORIA and hoping that they will enjoy the album as much as the band does.

Demons Down - I Stand (CD)

17,50 €

MONS DOWN, a new outfit consisting of well-known American players like Jimi Bell (g, HOUSE OF LORDS, AUTOGRAPH) or Chuck Wright (b, QUIET RIOT, ex-HOUSE OF LORDS) and new talents like Chilenian James Robledo (SINNER‘S BLOOD) on vocals or the Italian Francesco Savino (FALSE MEORIES) on guitar. It‘s a good fifty minutes of strong and classic hard rock with cool melodies and magnificient playing allover. Just check out the powerful „Down In A Hole" and the epic „To The Edge Of The World". Highly suitable for lovers of early HOUSE OF LORDS and late eighties/early nineties hard rock. Definitely keep an eye on this band!

Seventh Crystal - Wonderland (CD)

17,50 €

SEVENTH CRYSTAL from Sweden with their second album which does not have to hide fomr their great debut record "Delirium" (2021). The band around frontman Kristian Fhyr (PERPETUAL ETUDE) even takes it to another level in all respects like melodies, variety, arrangements etc. The band themself calls their very sound "melodic rock for the 21st century" and there's abolutely nothing to add. Everybody who is into melodic and progressive-hybrids like DEGREED or even DGM can not go wrong here. Tracks like "Higher Ground", "Million Times" or "Imperfection" just illustrate how good this record actually is. Superb effort!

Günter Werno‘s „Anima One" - Anima One (CD)

17,50 €

VANNDEN PLAS keyboarder GÜNTER WERNO creates some magic here. Following the tradition of „Concerto For Group And Orchestra" by JON LORD/DEEP PURPLE mostly orchestral and classical sounds unfold here, split into three suites - here: „1st, 2nd and 3rd Movement" and equipped with some rocking moments, too. There are only a few vocals, sung by VANDEN PLAS fronter Andy Kuntz and Astrid Vossberg. Something completely different but something very rewarding and exciting in its being unusual. Played live with orchestra and band in front of an audience. Music for quiet moments, music to thoroughly enjoy, though.

The Last Bandit - The Lost Tapes 1989 -1996 (CD)

15,50 €

The Last Bandit formed in 1988, growing soon as a highlight in the Milano rock scene… Tall, rude, with an attitude and a presence that does not go unnoticed. You can just love ‘em or hate ‘em! These 11 tracks included here in the “Lost Tapes” are standouts of their incredible production, with “Jesus Loves The Bandit” as the vivid example of a lil classic-gem, hidden universally but carved in the heart of their longtime followers. And last but not least, what the hell is that damn “rock n’roll for the best of us to be the worst”? Only some special music by those who may have always been a bad example to most… which is perhaps one of the many reasons to (re)discover this musical treasure. Enjoy their “Lost Tapes” and don’t forget that in the end… …Jesus Loves The Bandits!

Brannon – Heartbreak Is Misery (CD)

16,50 €

In the years since their formation in 2014, Brannon has released a total of six albums, spanning from acoustic singer-songwriter to hip-hop. But until now, songwriter Jonathon Brannon and singer David Cagle have only hinted at their ability to put together a fully-formed rock n’ roll album. That all changes with ‘Heartbreak is Misery’. The album features fourteen of the most attention-grabbing guitar-driven songs you will hear this year. “This is your moment,” Cagle sings in the memorable opening lines of ‘We Are Powerful.’ The track serves as a mission statement – bold, defiant, and full of gigantic hooks. On the ensuing tracks, they demonstrate a versatile mastery of the genre, from the moody grunge of ‘Hard Habit To Break’ to the power balladry of ‘Without You I’d Die.’ Brannon invites an impressive collection of guest artists to add their voices. R Reed makes notable appearances on both ‘Bad Love’ and ‘Goin’ For Mine’ also featuring Bobby John, while the Bowie-nod of ‘Life On Mars’ includes a great guest spot from Erika Schiff. ‘Never Gone’ provides an epic album highlight, while ‘Lie To Me’ explodes with pure adrenaline. Each track is full of significant moments, right down to the cathartic final notes of closer ‘On My Way.’ Above all, ’Heartbreak is Misery’ is the album that alt-rock fans have been waiting for.

Steel Panther - On The Prowl (CD | digipak)

16,50 €

Steel Panther's sixth studio album "On The Prowl" will be released in February 2023. A fitting title, as the band stalks the world hotter and crazier from year to year and from 2023 onwards with new bassist Spyder! The pre-released single "Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)" has already announced a pretty thick slab of an album. Panther drummer Stix Zadinia explains: "The song and the video are an absolute public service announcement. People have been asking STEEL PANTHER for decades for advice on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. 'Never Too Late' is a reminder to never give up, follow your heart, achieve your dreams, overcome your challenges, navigate the rough seas, reach for the stars and any other cliché you have in your pocket. Basically, what we're saying is that it's never too late to get some pu**y tonight."

Roxanne - Stereo Typical +1 (CD)

16,50 €

Not many bands can say they are releasing their third album thirty-five years after their debut, but not many bands have the history that California rockers Roxanne have. Originally formed in the late 80s, Roxanne garnered commercial success with their 1988 self-titled debut album which was well received with two songs charting on rock radio: "Cherry Bay" and "Sweet Maria", as well as a cover of Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music". The band is back with its first album of new material in five years and second for Rat Pak Records. "Stereo Typical" features ten brand-new songs from the quartet comprised of Jamie Brown (vocals, guitar), John Butler (guitar), Joe Infante (bass) and Dave Landry (drums). The new album also features guest appearance from Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big, dUg Pinnick of King's X and Jeff Scott Soto. From the driving intro of album opener "Stereotypical" to the anthemic outro of "Without A Rope", Roxanne is back with its signature sound of rock 'n' roll that garnered the guys a legion of fans in the late 80s that continue to support them today. Tracks like "Gotta Live", "The Cost Of Living" and "Until They Do" are chock full of memorable hooks and melodies. Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert adds a blistering solo to the piano ballad "Looks Like Rain". King's X frontman dUg Pinnick offers his vocal talents to the catchy "Only A Call Away" and Jeff Scott Soto shines on the first single "Keep On Keepin' On".


Bad Sister - Because Rust Never Sleeps (CD)

Original Pressing from 2009

15,50 €

The German band BAD SISTER released "Because Rust Never Sleeps" in 2009, their third album after a break of 18 years. The group delivers classic rock, AOR and melodic rock in the style of Heart, Laos, Foreigner, Giant and Survivor. Already in the eighties, the band around frontwoman Suzie Lohmar had success and played as support for Ian Gillan of Deep Purple and Mitch Ryder. Their first album "Heartbreaker" from 1989 is considered a classic of the international AOR scene. The album "Because Rust Never Sleeps" contains 13 tracks with some highlights like the emotional melodic rocker "Take Me As I Am", the nostalgic-floppy "Rocky Road", the groovy "Through The Night" and the catchy "Blackmailed". Ballad fans will also find something with the ultra-sentimental "Carry On". Some songs can't quite keep up the level, but overall the good songs excel. The technical performance and Suzie Lohmar's expressive voice contribute to the fact that the album can be described as above average. Fans of the AOR genre of the eighties should definitely check out the album.

Jack Starr – A Minor Disturbance +4 (CD)

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“When I first started to work on A Minor Disturbance in 1990 I had a strong desire to make music without a vocalist. To be honest I wanted to try something new and I always felt that my style of guitar playing was like a vocalist but that in place of the singer the guitar would sing the melodies. My metal band Burning Starr had taken a break and my manager at the time Frank Cariola owned the biggest club on Long Island and was very well respected among the area musician so I asked him to get involved and help me find the best players and that is exactly what we did, starting with Randy Coven a great bass player who wrote a national column on the bass and who played with both Leslie West and Yngwie Malmsteen Next I needed a great drummer and we found John Riley who later went on to play with Rainbow, and on keyboards the great Felix Hanneman from the band Zebra and we also used Bonnie Parker on bass and John Armata from the band Ram Jam played the beautiful and haunting keyboard on the song Interlude in the Afternoon

It was really an all star cast of great players and the album was done in a top studio on Long Island. All the songs were written by me except for the two covers that I was happy to include which were Last Date by Floyd Cramer and also the theme song from the movie Exodus. Like all covers that I have ever recorded I enjoy putting my own touches and ideas and I always try to make the song my own. When the album came out it was distributed by Important Record Distributors and as luck or lack of luck would have it, my record came out the same week as the Steve Vai record and the sales staff were told to promote that record and not mine so it was overlooked by a lot of stores in favor of the Vai record and when I mentioned this to my manager at the time he said, “Don’t worry your music is not perishable like fruits or vegetables, it will not go bad. One day a new generation will discover your music and it will live on.” And he was right because music that comes from the heart and is played with feeling and sincerity never goes out of style so it my hope that you will all enjoy this recording. Peace,
Jack Starr 2018

Jack Starr – Soon Day Will Come (CD) Digital Remastered

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Jack Starr is an American heavy metal band formed by Jack Starr in 1984. Originally called Virgin Steele, due to musical disagreements Jack Starr left the band after only 2 albums. Between 1984 and 1989 he released a solo album, and several albums with the band he founded, Burning Starr.

Jack Starr – Escape From the Night (CD)

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Jack Starr is an American heavy metal band formed by Jack Starr in 1984. Originally called Virgin Steele, due to musical disagreements Jack Starr left the band after only 2 albums. Between 1984 and 1989 he released a solo album, and several albums with the band he founded, Burning Starr.



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