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Hello everyone,

yesterday was a regional holiday here in Germany and you kept us busy with a lot of orders which we – as usual – will ship in the order we get them!

A lot of new items are now available in the store incl. Night Pleasure Hotel, Collateral, Nestor, Remedy, White Blast, Babylon AD,  Black Diamonds & Kickhunter plus our own, new releases from Atlantis Drive (Pride & Joy Music), The La Cowboys and Captain Black Beard (Pride & Joy Music Classixx)!

The Ladder, Taz, Femme Fatal, Black Tiger & April Fool are now back in stock.

Have a nice weekend,




Atlantis Drive - Atlantis Drive (CD)

16,00  €

ATLANTIS DRIVE is the brainchild of guitarrist Markus Pfeffer (BARNABAS SKY, LAZARUS DREAM). Mark Boals (v, RING OF FIRE, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Jorris Guilbaud (keys, HEART LINE) and Markus Kullmann (d, GLENN HUGHES, VOODOO CIRCLE) complete the line-up here. Very melodic sounds with a lot of eighties vibes, let alone the beautiful artwork shine, and a pretty good production which shows the love for details. Mark Boals has not been singing in such a melodic rock environment in a long time. Just check out "Way Back When" and "Living For The Moment". (MS)

The LA Cowboys - Endless Summer (CD)
ltd. on 300 copies
Pride & Joy Music Classixx Vol. 10

17,00  €

This fine Westcoast/AOR record is a true gem which was originally released in Japan in 1993 and re-issued by AOR Heaven Classixx. These days, The LA COWBOYS' "Endless Summer" is rereleased under the Pride & Joy Music Classixx banner. The main protagonists James "Little Joe" Studer (v/keys) and Wayne "Rowdy" Nelson (v/b) get some help from for instance Michael Thompson (g), Mick Fleetwood (d, FLEETWOOD MAC) or Joseph Williams (v, TOTO). Hard to believe that a record like this has been under the radar for so long. "Tokyo Woman", "Aubree's Melody" or "Eye Of The Storm" and many others are simply stunning. Limited to 300 units. (MS)

 Captain Black Beard - Sonic Forces +2 (CD)
2 bonus songs
ltd. on 300 copies only
Pride & Joy Music Classixx Vol. 9

17,00  €

"Sonic Forces", the fourth of the six albums of Swedish melodic rockers CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD is reissued as part of the Pride & Joy Classixx series. By now all the original copies are gone but this new version features two bonus cuts, a 2022 version of "All The Pain" from the 2018 album "Struck By Lighning" and an instrumental version of "Headlights". Finest Sweden-AOR with ear candy guarantee. The guys around frontman Martin Holsner offer a great sense of melody and do not have to hide from their fellow-countrymen NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA or OSUKARU. Ltd. on 300 copies. (MS)

 Universe III - Universe III (CD)

15,50  €

UNIVERSE III from Sweden, emerged from the surroundings of EUROPE and founded in 1982 under the name of UNIVERSE more or less paused for decades until in 2018 "Rock Is Alive" (UNIVERSE INFINITY) came out. "III" contains ten timeless, guitar-driven and powerful tracks. The group around Andreas Eklund (ex-HOUSE OF SHAKIRA) successfully manages to provide an escape from the here and now for the listener. Real music, authentic and simply played in a thrilling way. Just check out "Casa De Los Pollos", "To Serve And Protect" and "Dream Of Better Days" for instance. (MS)


 Equus - Equus (CD)

16,50  €

Canadian band EQUUS put out only one EP in 1985 followed by two singles a year later and in the course of a couple of reunions, e.g. 2003, a few more tracks got recorded. It's a great and elegant mixture of Hi-tech AOR, little bits and pieces of progressive rock and some more pomp rock sounds. Fans of for instance BOSTON, MR.MISTER, SAGA or MAGNUM will be more than pleased with this gem. Lots of melodies and harmonies in here. This outfit actually deserves much more attention. Remastered by Paul Piccari (HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN'). Limited to 500 units! Grab it while stock lasts! (MS)


 Tommy Denander - Cut In Ice (CD)

16,50  €

Album number seven of the Pride & Joy Classixx series is a re-recorded version of the 1984 album. New vocalist Rob Blake from America and drummer Neil Anami as well as a fresh, contemporary production suits the material really well. Formerly under the name of ATC, the band around very young Swedish guitarist TOMMY DENANDER, who is 15 years old at the time of release, delivers a surprisingly good hard rock album. The eight songs still rock and a new artwork, extensive linernotes including unreleased photos complete the picture here and celebrate the fortieth anniversary in a propper way. (MS)






Remedy - Pleasure Beats The Pain (CD)

 15,50 €

REMEDY have only recently launched like a rocket with their debut "Something That World Won't See" (2022) and the new album "Pleasure Beats The Pain" continues this successful path and even tops it. Fans of H.E.A.T, CRAZY LIXX, TREAT or VEGA and the like will be more than delighted. Basically the perfect combination of eighties melodic rock and a contemporary and fresh production. The guys around Roland Forsman (g) and Robert Van der Zwan (v) deliver superb songwriting and they do so as if its the easiest thing in the world. Just check out "Moon Has The Night". Awesome! Sweden again! (MS)



At 1980 - Forget To Remember (CD) Digipak

 15,50 €

In the retro wave rock genre, wonderful gems of this genre, which is deeply rooted in the 1980s, appear from time to time. Magic Dance and The Runaway Wild, for example, are among the newer, successful bands of the genre. Format At 1980 have been hitting the same target group on the net for months, and their album ‘Forget To Remember’ is thoroughly convincing. They offer the finest AOR with massive synths that immediately transport the listener back to California in the 80s. The highlights include ‘Pieces Of Me’ (feat. Shadowrunner) and ‘Back To Me’. A must-have if you like keyboard-orientated AOR! (BS)



Nestor - Teenage Rebel (CD digisleeve)

 17,00 €

Swedish AOR masters with their second album. Once again, unbelievable melodies, pompous arrangements und great emotions can be found here. Frontman Tobias Gustavsson and his four band mates easily revive the best moments of icons of the eighties like FOREIGNER, JOURNEY, BON JOVI or EUROPE - with their own compositions. Hard to believe but they manage! All eleven songs on "Teenage Rebel" share the same high quality level. Therefore, no single tracks to be pointed out here and the stunning production as well as the beautiful artwork should not go unmentioned, too. To cut a long story short: Get ready to crank up the volume!d







 Night Pleasure Hotel - Portraits (CD)

16,00 €

NIGHT PLEASURE HOTEL and their AOR and melodic rock hybrid is a new star in the genre galaxy. The Italians provide a great sense for arrangements, melodies and big emotions. "Portraits" offers twelve songs in total and they seem to range from somewhere between MECCA and PRISM to even TOTO and PRIDE OF LIONS. Frontman Alex Mari fully convinces with a multi-layered and blistering performance. The production of "Portraits" is very good and lifts up great songs like "Just This One", "Sweet Melodies Of Rain" or "You And I" easily. Definitely worth checking out! (MS)


  Collateral - Should've Known Better (CD)

16,00 €

COLLATERAL and their hard rock with a rather contemporary approach fococes on melodies like ECLIPSE, RECKLESS LOVE or even DAUGHTRY do. Therefore, the four-pieces doesn't limit itself to genres obviously. And most importantly, they offer kind of an unique sound. They describe their music as "soundtrack of a beating heart" which is nothing but a fitting comparison. The ballad "On The Long Road" would become a major hit in a better world for sure and the groover "Glass Sky" is nothing but ear candy that comes to stay. Beautiful, timeless gem of a record. (MS)


  White Blast - In Your Face (CD)

16,00 €

White Blast are the ‘baby’ of Spanish guitarist Miguel Angel Lopez, who has been active in his home country for 30 years and has played alongside Spanish greats such as Edge Of The Blade and Rage Of Romance. For the current album by his band White Blast, he was able to sign up two well-known musicians, Alan Kelly (Shy) and John Francis (After Hours). The album offers rousing, top-class melodic rock, which also scores highly with some song gems such as the catchy track ‘Hold Me’ and the stomping rocker ‘Soldiers Of The Night’! For friends of Shy and Praying Mantis, this is a real treat! Guest appearances by Tino Troy and Rowan Robertson amongst others. (BS)


  Babylon A.D. - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (CD)

16,50 €

‘Rome Wasn't Built In A Day’ is the first new studio album from American hard rockers Babylon A.D. in 6 years. And you can rely on the band! As always, they offer driving hard rock that is deeply rooted in the 80s and goes straight to the front! Properly produced, the album should absolutely satisfy fans of the band. Singer Derek Davies is also in fine form. Fans of the band and similar bands such as Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses should enjoy songs such as the lively “Wrecking Machine” or the catchy title track. Cool! (BS)


 Anims - Good 'n' Evil +1 (CD)

16,00 €

ANIMS from italy are a remarkable outfit. They offer simple rock songs and slightly symphonic sounds as well as some poppy moments up to rather progressive elements which, at the end of day, is quite a lot. But it forms a coherent record, though. The voice of Elle Noir definitely is the icing on the cake here. She sings in many different shades and crowns the versatile compositions in great manner. "Good 'n' Evil" is an album that should not be ignored! ANIMS rocks! "Fear Of The Night" and "Leviathan" are just two of many highlights on album number two of ANIMS. (MS)


 Kickhunter - Greatest Kicks (CD)

16,50 €

KICKHUNTER from Hamburg play honest hard rock without any fuzz and they do so for more than twenty years. Partly remixed and - apart from the songs from the most recent effort "Now Or Never" (2023) - remastered by Eike Freese (e.g. DEEP PURPLE, GAMMA RAY) which lets the tracks shine brightly. Dirty riffs meet thundering drums and classic Hammond sounds meet rough and powerful vocals. Just check out the orchestral (!) "I Sing This Song Forever" as well as the new version of "Child Of Love" with Markus Grosskopf (b, HELLOWEEN) und Zak Stevens (v, SAVATAGE). Rock'n'Roll, Baby! (MS)


 Black Diamonds - Destination Paradise (CD)


BLACK DIAMONDS from Switzerland did really stir up some dust with their latest longplayer "No-Tell Hotel" (2022). Finest melodic hard rock with lots of AOR in there which produces some pressure. A strong shot of sleaze is in there, too. Therefore, the new effort "Destination Paradise" is going to please all lovers of the genre and BLACK DIAMONDS fans foremost. The almost KISS-like "After The Rain" and the wonderful ballad "Only For A While" are only two examples for this fresh record. The BELINDA CARLISLE track "Leave A Light On" featuring David Balfour (v, MAVERICK) is pretty cool, too. Additional references would be CRAZY LIXX and TREAT. (MS)


 Freak Kitchen - Everyone Gets Bloody (CD)


Swedich outfit FREAK KITCHEN without doubt is one of the most innovative and exciting bands out there. Of course, there is KING'S X but apart from them, the guys around guitarrist, producer and mastermind play in their own league. Finest riff-driven and constantly melodic hard rock with lots of progressive and even a few jazzy elements at times is showcased here. On their tenth effort, too, the three-piece delivers deep, meaningful lyrics, constant surprises and an unbelievable amount of groove and foremost: intensity in all respects. FREAK KITCHEN rule! (MS)


 April Fool - Playin To Win (CD)


• First time on CD
• 11-track "Playin' to Win" album
• Plus 5 bonus live & demo tracks
(only available on CD version)
• All tracks remastered
• 12-page booklet
• Complete lyrics & photos
• New artwork by Steve Cobb
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide

APRIL FOOL were a melodic hard rock band from the late 1980s who mainly played live in the Philadelphia area in the USA. Among others, the band opened for Bang Tango, Britny Fox, Heaven's Edge, TT Quick and Heaven, which seems musically very fitting. There are also clear Poison influences to be heard. The American label Heaven And Hells Records is re-releasing the album "Playin To Win" in remastered form and with 5 demo bonus tracks on CD. A real treat for fans of the bands mentioned above (and limited to 500 copies)! (BS)


 Intelligent Music Project - Miracles Beyond (CD) Digipak

 16,50 €

Bulgaria-based INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT around mastermind Milen Vrabevski, who also produced the album, with album number eight consisting of sophisticated songwriting, complex but never too complicated arrangements and - as usual - a large list of guest vocalists and players. High calibre musicians like for instance Joseph Williams (v, TOTO), John Payne (v, ASIA) or Simon Phillips (d, TOTO, THE WHO) and many more play on "Miracles Beyond". Music to enjoy on headphones. Melodic music that reveals new, surprising details each time you play the album. Here and there reminiscent of film music/scores. (MS)


 TAZ - Razor's Edge (CD)


• First time on CD
• Both 1988 & 1989 EPs
• 11 sleazy 80s glam metal tracks
• All fully remastered from the original tapes
• Track 3 "Somebody to Love" only available on CD version
• 8-page booklet
• Complete lyrics
• Limited to 500 copies worldwide

TAZ were an American sleaze rock band active until 1990 in the wake of Poison, Tigertailz and Faster Pussycat. "Razor's Edge" contains original recordings from EPs from 1988 and 1989, which are now being released on CD for the first time on Heaven And Hell Records and sound amazingly good. It's always impressive how many bands were slumbering in the underground back then. The song "Somebody To Love" can only be heard here. As is almost always the case with this label, it is limited to just 500 copies. Fans of the genre can pick it up without hesitation! (BS)


 Femme Fatale - Live + Demos

16,50 €

Femme Fatale were one of the great hard rock bands of the 1980s with a lady on the mic. Lorraine Lewis can be mentioned here in the same category as Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, Sandy Saraya or Doro Pesch. This CD features a top-class live concert from 1988, at which Femme Fatale opened for Cheap Trick in Illinois, USA, and also includes the two ‘hits’ ‘Waiting For The Big One’ and ‘Falling In And Out Of Love’. There are also five previously unreleased demos and an AC/DC cover version as bonus tracks as well as a booklet with liner notes and numerous photos. (BS)





 Tokyo Blade - Night Of The Blade +4 (CD)


Second album of the British band from 1984. It's a true classic of the late NWOBHM era which actually was a time when TOKYO BLADE really wrote great songs. Later on, quality faded a bit and the band had to deal with massive line-up changes. But "Night Of The Blade" offers epic tracks like "Warrior Of The Rising Sun" or dry rockers like "Rock Me To The Limit", for instance, that don't make prisoners. This record is essentiell to every collection. Comes remastered and - compared to the original version - with four bonus cuts, which were included in some of the earlier re-releases, though. (MS)


  Deadringer - Electrocution Of The Heart (CD)


DEADRINGER and their 1989 "Electrocution Of The Heart", unfortunately the only album release, is a classic. Let alone the impressive line-up shine with Charlie Huhn (v, NO MERCY, VICTORY), Jay Jesse Johnson (g, ARC ANGEL), Joe Bouchard (keys, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT) as well as the two classic ALICE COOPER musicians Dennis Dunaway (b) and Neal Smith (d). Typical eighties hard rock with highlights such as "Secret Eyes" or "Everybody Rock". Hard to believe that this kind of supergroup didn't make it back then. Comes remastered and with a remix of "Unsung Heroes" as bonus cut. (MS)


 Outlaw Blood - Outlaw Blood (CD)

 16,00 €

OUTLAW BLOOD from California/USA play glam and hard rock and their self-titled and sole album from 1991 unfortunately hit the grunge wave that suddenly popped up. Typical case of "wrong place and time". In terms of quality, the eleven tracks are good at least. Mastermind was Marti Frederiksen (g/v) who later successfully worked with e.g. AEROSMITH or MÖTLEY CRÜE co-writing and producing lots of their stuff. No bonus whatsoever here but this remastered version should be part of any serious collection, though. Suitable for fans of GREAT WHITE, RATT or THE BLACK CROWES. (MS)


Sheela - Burned Down (CD)

 16,00 €

SHEELA from Wiesbaden/Germany and their melodic rock on "Burned Down" from 1995 were certainly a little too late to be honest as the musical climate changed significantly back in the day. Fans of RAILWAY, FAIR WARNING, BONFIRE, SACRED SEASON or RESCUE will absolutely dig the eleven songs nevertheless. Remastered, remixed and equipped with a fresh artwork, the first of three SHEELA records in total is pure fun and paved the way to even a little bit of international recognition, too. Just check out tracks like "Burned Down", "Holdin' On" and "Spread Your Wings". (MS)


Axe - Offering (CD)

 16,00 €

AXE probably put out their best album in 1982. "Offering" with its muscles-driven rock sounds still sounds exciting today. Frontman and guitarist Bobby Barth seems to be on top of his creative output here. The remastered Rock Candy re-issue doesn't have any bonus apart from new liner notes including a few unreleased pictures. Tracks like "Video Inspiration", "Silent Soldiers" or even the MONTROSE-Cover "I Got The Fire" are simply stunning. Let alone the guitars on this classic album shine. The sound of the best era in hard rock for sure. (MS)




-----  June -----

t.b.a. KNIGHTS OF THE REALM – delayed
07.06. ISSA
12.06. FLAME
14.06. HUMAN ZOO
14.06. THE MUGS
14.06. BIG GAME
28.06. SUNBOMB
30.06. RIO


-----  July -----

05.07. MYSTERY
12.07. DARK MILE
12.07. SPEKTRA
12.07. PALACE
19.07. KEYS
26.07. BRICKLIN box set




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