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Hello everyone,

earlier this, the slightly delayed releases from Mona Lisa and all delayed Frontiers titles arrived. These orders have kept us busy all week and there’s still stock available for all of them.

We do not have any shipping dates yet for the new releases from Mick Mars and Philip Sayce. Next week, we hopefully receive more stock of the Star Star release from FnA releases, The Crow from the Lions Pride label and some more stock of Coney Hatch’s “Postcard From Germany” (2023 import release) which will be released now officially in Germany as well – on March 1st.


Have a nice weekend,




Arkado - Open Sea (CD)

 15,50 €

Swedish band ARKADO around Philip Lindstrom (v/g) makes an impression with their sophomore album "Open Sea". Their 2020 debut "Never Say Never" was able to arouse attention within the melodic community and the follow-up, slightly more symphonic and heavier, will certainly follow this tradition. "You Make Me Feel", put out as a single in summer already, and the powerful "I Gave My Heart" are winners right away. "Open Sea" is a stunning AOR record with sophisticated songwriting and a certain dramatic touch. Bands like TEN, SERPENTINE and PERFECT PLAN are good comparisons. Hats off! (MS)



 Social Disorder - Time To Rise (CD)

 15,50 €

SOCIAL DISORDER, an exciting hard rock band around Anders LA Rönnblom (b/g, X-ROMANCE) with their sophomore album. Again, an illustrous bunch of musicians like for instance Tracii Guns (g, L.A. GUNS), Rudy Sarzo (b, ex-WHITESNAKE), Leif Ehlin (k, PERFECT PLAN) and David Stone (ex RAINBOW) are on board. Frontman Thomas Nordin sounds like he has dozens of records on his hump, too. Timeless guitar-driven music showcased by real professionals with massive talent. The explosive title track, the more quiet "Dancing In The Rain" and the melodic "Forged In Fire" give a really good image of the album. Thumbs up!(MS)



Autumn's Child - Tellus Timeline (CD)

 15,50 €

"Tellus Timeline" is already the fifth album of AUTUMN'S CHILD, the "new" outfit around Mikael Erlandsson (v, ex SECRET SERVICE, ex LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM) from Sweden. The absolute highlight is the impressive duet "Juliet" with ALIEN frontman Jim Jidhed. The good old friends harmonize perfectly. Pretty remarkable is "Gates Of Paradise", too, which comes into being together with opera singer Karin Funk. This time on some of the tracks, Erlandsson showcases his passion for Seventies glam rock in the vein of T-REX, SLADE or SWEET. But mostly, of course, it's melodic rock with a stunning sense for hooklines - like always! (MS)



Lazarus Dream - Imaginary Life (CD)

 15,50 €

LAZARUS DREAM, that's Markus Pfeffer (g, WINTERLAND, BARNABAS SKY, ex SCARLETT) and Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (v, ex-DOMAIN, EVIDENCE ONE) as well as drummer Markus Herzog (DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROM) from now on. Pfeffer's songwriting consists of melodic hard rock here. Album number three is less experimental as the last one ("Lifeline" from 2022) which has been a conscious decision. Apart from rockers like "Rebel Again" or "Vertigo", there's a beautiful ballad ("Beauty Among The Ruins"). Stephan Lill (g, VANDEN PLAS) guests with a guitar solo. Definitely check out the mighty opener "The Sweetest Chaos". (MS)


Corvus - Immortals (CD)

 15,50 €

Notörious - Marching On (CD)

 15,50 €

Apart from typical glam metal sounds and anthem-like hooklines as well as epic guitar solos, surprisingly there's a little bit of black metal vocals on one song ("Marching On") which is actually cool and sounds not out of place, though. But basically: A lot of WIG WAM, POISON and MÖTLEY CRÜE in here. NOTÖRIOUS from Bergen/Norway sets the pace with their sophomore album. The powerful production highlights tracks like "Manimal", "All Night" or "Eternal Fire". And "Ain't No Stoppin'" sees a guest appearance of the mighty Mark Boals (ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN). An early highlight of the year! Great album! (MS)




 Lionheart - The Grace Of A Dragonfly (CD) Digipak

 18,50 €

LIONHEART, British melodic veterans around Dennis Stratton (g, ex-IRON MAIDEN), Lee Small (v, THE SWEET, ex-SHY) or Steve Mann (g, MSG, ex-LIAR) are pretty active in recent times, which is great. "The Grace Of A Dragonfly" is some kind of concept album centering around World War II. It's a cool record blistering with fine hooklines and sophisticated, timeless music. The band fully delivers. Check out the magical "The Eagle's Nest". As a reference you can easily take their fellow Englishmen from SARACEN and PRAYING MANTIS who have a similar approach on melodies. (MS)



 Crazy Lixx - Two Shots Of Glory (CD)

 17,00 €

Without doubt, CRAZY LIXX are music-wise, visual-wise and given their attitude, too, nothing but the personified eighties! Melodies and massive backing vocals all over the place. This compilation, with numerous re-recorded older songs (e.g. "Fire It Up", "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" oder "Ain't No Rest In Rock N' Roll") of the five-piece around Danny Rexon (v) as well as three brand-new tracks, freaking rocks. CRAZY LIXX simply play in their own league. The irresistable title track is a really good argument right away. So is "Sword And Stone", originally an unreleased KISS track. Massive! (MS)



 Honeymoon Suite - Alive (CD)

 17,00 €

Canadian band HONEYMOON SUITE with their first album in one and a half decade and the ninth output in total. It's a pretty versatile and fresh record with typical melodic rock tunes like the titletrack or the emotional ballad "Love Comes", with mature pop songs like "Tell Me What You Want" or "Broken" as well as solid and simple rockers ("Done Doin' Me"). "Give It All" is reminiscent of DEF LEPPARD to a large degree, though. A top class production highlights the material and with Johnnie Dee you get a frontman who still has got his voice. Really good output, boys! (MS)



Mona Lisa - The Collection Pt.1 (CD)
Lost US Jewels Vol. 17 - ltd. on 500 copies

18,00 €

The Italian label Steelheart Records is known for digging up some rather obscure demos and releasing them on CD. The two albums by the Americans from MONA LISA, who were active at the end of the 1980s, are now in the starting blocks with two such CDs. They offer typical US hard rock of the late 80s with some strong DOKKEN influences. The releases underline the great potential of the band, who unfortunately failed to hit the big time. The material on "The Collection Vol.1" comes from the cassette EP "Grounded For Life" (1988) and the "Homemade Demos" (1987). Limited to 500 copies (Lost US Jewels Series Vol. 17). (BS)

 Mona Lisa - The Collection Pt. 2 (CD)
Lost US Jewels Vol. 18 - ltd. on 500 copies, remastered

18,00 €

The Italian label Steelheart Records is known for digging up some rather obscure demos and releasing them on CD. The two albums by the Americans from MONA LISA, who were active at the end of the 1980s, are now in the starting blocks with two such CDs. The releases underline the great potential of the band, who unfortunately failed to hit the big time. The material on "The Collection Vol.2" now offers a mixture of sleaze rock and metal and originally comes from the cassette "The Art Of Seduction" (1991) and 5 songs from the successor band TATTOO TAXI and 3 live recordings. Remastered, ltd. to 500 copies and "Lost US Jewel Nr.18". (BS)

 Whiteabbey - The Words That Form The Key (CD)

 16,50 €

"The Words That Form The Key", the third album of WHITEABBEY, offers melodic and symphonic metal with the fascinating voice of Tamara Bouwhuis (DIM CRIMSON). Second main protagonist is Steve Moore (g, STORMZONE). For fans of WITHIN TEMPTATION, NIGHTWISH and the like but also some HELLOWEEN, THIN LIZZY or JUDAS PRIEST can be found here to a certain degree. All that glitters is not (yet) gold here but there is a lot of potential in this band for sure like tracks like "You Should Be Running" or "Ireland's Final Witch" easily prove. Furthermore, "Think Of Me Sometimes" is a beautiful ballad. (MS)

 Durbin - Screaming Steel (CD)

17,00 €

DURBIN with album number four. The American Singer James Durbin (ex QUIET RIOT) and his traditional heavy metal in the vein of DIO, JUDAS PRIEST or BLACK SABBATH, but also influenced by classic US metal, takes no prisoners. The band, consisting of American and Italian musicians around Aldo Lonobile (g, SECRET SPHERE), sounds like they know what they are doing. A powerful voice, dramatic compositions and blazing guitar solos, that's the real deal here. There might be one or the other outstanding track missing, though, but there is no filler, too. Just check out "Made Of Metal" and ""Hallows. (MS)

 Smoking Snakes - Danger Zone (CD)

17,00 €

Sleaze rock with metal elements from Gothenburg/Sweden delivered by this smashing four-piece by the name of SMOKING SNAKES. Their debut with eleven energetic songs is full of melody, groove and foremost of attitute. Brett Martin's vocals are reminiscent of Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.) at times. But the majority of the songs are rather in the vein of HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, CONFESS or PRETTY WILD. A strong production suits the material extremely well. Tracks like "There Is No Tomorrow" or "We Are Alive" sound like POISON on stereoids. The fast "Angels Calling", the opener of "Danger Zone" is irresitibly cool and takes no prisoners.(MS)

 D'Luna - Monster (CD)

15,50 €

"Monster", the debut of D’LUNA, a hard rock/metal project of Dave De Luna (g) offers interesting and multi-layered sounds. The ten tracks are on the one hand progressive, on the other hand extremely groovy and also quite melodic. Strong KING’S X influences are around, probably because Dug Pinnick (v/b)can be heard on the title track. Jeff Scott Soto (v, e.g. TALISMAN, SONS OF APOLLO) or Philip Bynoe (b, STEVE VAI, WARLORD) are well-known and experieced companions, too. It's an interesting record which is hard to categorize but an enjoyable ride, though. Not really a monster but a project that hopefully gets another shot. (MS)

Throne Of Thorns - Converging Parallel Worlds (CD)

17,50 €

THRONE OF THORNS from Belgium play powerful and melodic power metal with lots of anthems. Fans who dig BLIND GUARDIAN, KAMELOT, HELLOWEEN or ORDEN OGAN should pay attention! Guitarist and mastermind Thomas Jethro Verleye and the guys deliver a record full of sumptuous songs, dramatic sounds, epic stories and everything is refined with a certain touch of progressive metal which makes the material exciting all the time. Nevertheless, the compositions are easily accessible. Just check out "Atomic Retribution" or "Underworld". THRONE OF THORNS seem to be a new sparkling star in the genre. (MS)

 Revolution Saints - Against The Winds (CD)

17,00 €

REVOLUTION SAINTS, probably the most successful and certainly the best so-called allstar project from Frontiers Music, puts out album number five. For the second time, the line-up is Deen Castronovo (v/d, JOURNEY), Joel Hoekstra (g, WHITESNAKE) and Jeff Pilson (b, FOREIGNER, ex-DOKKEN) as well as Alessandro Del Vecchio (keys, HARDLINE, EDGE OF FOREVER), who produced once more and also wrote most of the material. It's a fine AOR record in the vein of JOURNEY or GIANT. "Against The Wind" is a timeless piece of music showcased by absolute top players. Compositions like "Can't End It Right Know" or the title track are superb and Castronovo's voice simply magic. (MS)

 CobraKill - Serpent's Kiss (CD)

17,50 €

The names Nick Adams (v), Randy White (g), Tommy Gun (g), Crippler Ramirez (b) und Toby Ventura (d) sound like the eighties, leather, spikes and of course, America. But the boys are from Bielefeld/Germany and their mixture of metal, hard rock, sleaze and glam is entertaining and offers some really cool songs in the vein of LIZZY BORDEN, RATT, TWISTED SISTER, MÖTLEY CRÜE or W.A.S.P.. Anthems like "Above The Law", "Monstrous" oder "Hungry Heart" are great stuff. COBRAKILL and their sophomore album rock. Of course, you don't have to take everything too serious here, but the five-piece is really fun! (MS)

Gotus - Gotus (CD)


GOTUS is a new, mostly Swiss "Supergroup" with Ronnie Romero (RAINBOW, LORDS OF THE BLACK) singing. Founded by Mandy Meyer (ex-G                                                          OTTHARD, ex-KROKUS) and Pat Aeby (d, ex-KROKUS), to no surprise, this five-piece plays classic hard in the vein of those great and iconic Swiss bands. Romero's mighty voice fits perfectly which he already proved during his stint with CORELEONI. Lovers of fine hard rock have to grab this cool record. The midtempo track "Love Will Find Its Way" or the very melodic groover "Weekend Warriors" for instance will simply make you smile. Strong! (MS)

Grand - Second To None (CD)

17,50 €

You like Swedish AOR in the vein of STREETLIGHT, WIGELIUS, CARE OF NIGHT oder CREYE? Well, here you go! GRAND, that's Mattias Olofsson (v), Jakob Svensson (g/b/keys, ex WIGELIUS) and Anton Martinez Matz (d/b) who seem to have a great sense for nice and exciting arrangements. Excellent melodies, a crystal clear production as well as a comparatively broad versatility can be found here. Therefore, the second GRAND album is a real bummer which draws its influences from TOTO, STARSHIP or MR.BIG, too. The amazing "Kryptonite" sees a guest vocal performance by Nina Söderquist. AOR of the finest sort! (MS)

 Robert Hart - Circus Life (CD)


Beautiful and simply authentic rock with excursions into melodic and hard rock can be found on "Circus Life". ROBERT HART (BAD COMPANY, MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND) sings softly here and rough in the vein of JOE COCKER there. Museic penned by Steve Overland (FM) and Steve Morris (HEARTLAND) and guests like e.g. Robert Säll (g, WORK OF ART, W.E.T.), Chris Childs (b, THUNDER) or Steve Mann (g, MSG, LIONHEART) make the twelve Songs shine bright. A timeless record with a lot of heart and soul, sophisticated sound and last but not least a beautifully crafted artwork. (MS)

Timson - Forever's Not Enough (CD) Digisleeve


TIMSON and their pure AOR make you wonder in the most positive way. Like the band says about themselves: "A band forty years late." That's true in a way but lovers of the genre nowadays are equally happy about a record like this for sure than they were back in the day. The eight tracks are full of the spirit of keyboard-laden rock music of the golden era. Mark Timson (g/b/keys) und Lukky S (v/g) magically revive this period with fantastic tracks like "Searching For Myself" or "Across All Chaos". Without doubt, TIMSON needs to be part of every melodic collection! (MS)

Magnum - Here Comes The Rain (CD)

 16,50 €

There are bands that seem to never age or even put out an album which does not meet the usual quality level. MAGNUM is definitely one of those. "Here Comes The Rain" offers a lot of the MAGNUM magic which means atmosphere, very strong hooklines and lots of pomp. At the end of the day, it's not as heavy as most of the more recent records but also in 2024 Tony Clarkin (g) knows where to showcase his riffs and where Bob Catley's majestic voice should take the lead. The production is powerful and ladden with details as usual. No fillers whatsoever can be found. Just check out "The Seventh Darkness" and "I Wanna Live". Wonderful music! (MS)

Jim Peterik And World Stage - Roots & Shoots Vol.1 (CD)


Former SURVIVOR keyboarder, the IDES OF MARCH vocalist and PRIDE OF LIONS mastermind plays gigs and sometimes puts out records under the WORLD STAGE banner. It's classic US melodic rock offered here with a lot of pathos and lots of illustrous guest like Kevin Cronin (v, REO SPEEDWAGON), Kelly Keagy (d/v, NIGHT RANGER) or Don Barnes (v, 38 SPECIAL) among many others. JIM PETERIK is a phenomena and still one of the best songswriters out there for sure. Timeless and rather slow tracks like "Forever's The Last Place You Look" or "Fire And Water" perfectly fit soft rocking songs like "Last Dream Home". (MS)


 Rhett Forrester - Sessions (CD) Slipcase

16,50 €

"Sessions" brings together several projects and recordings the former RIOT frontman RHETT FORRESTER, who passed away way too early, was involved in. It's songs from the eighties and early nineties, songs that can definitely be considered as hard rock or US metal and it's songs that although the sound quality is not always good and rather demo-like showcase great talent. An amazing voice and it's not only suitable for RIOT enthusiasts. Let alone the rather slow "Hell Or High Water" shine, as well as harder tracks like "Eyes Of Fire" or "Shake The Shadow". The American offfers a rich, authentic and versatile voice. (MS)

 Rhett Forrester - The Canadian Years (CD) Slipcase

16,50 €

RHETT FORRESTER (v, ex-RIOT) participated in several projects like DR.DIRTY und BLACK SYMPHONY in the early nineties prior to his tragic death in 1994. The American worked with Rob Robins (g) from Canada as well as Rick Plester (g, BLACK SYMPHONY). It's traditional hard rock and heavy metal at times, too. There are lots of songs which really deserve to be taken out of the shelves and finally see the light of day. Just like "Sessions", which is released at the same time, also "The Canadian Years" showcases interesting song material with a remarkable voice. (MS)

 Strike Force - Strike Force (CD)

16,00 €

The only album of the Canadian rockers STRIKE FORCE is reissued these days. STRIKE FORCE partly doesn't have to hide from their fellow Canadians APRIL WINE, HELIX or TRIUMPH. "Strike Force", originally released in 1984, is full of melodic metal with a great portion of hard rock, too. The guitars (Mario Lessard and Mike Pitre) foremost are pretty stunning here. Unfortunately, there are no bonus tracks but the nine tracks definitely breathe the air of a great era for melodic rock music whatsoever. They rock without doubt and actually are available on CD for the first time. Just check out "Shadow Of The Night". (MS)

Little Caesar - Little Caesar +4 (CD)

16,00 €

LITTLE CAESAR and their self-titled debut from 1992. Comes remastered and is equipped with four bonus cuts. The Americans score high with their easy-going hard rock which showcases all facettes of the genre. Dry rockers like "Wrong Side Of The Tracks", midtempo tracks like "Hard Times" and ballads ("In Your Arms") are true highlights of the whole genre. An absolute high class production by Rob Rock (e.g. METALLICA) suits the songs with its partly bluesy moments perfectly. Imagine this record would have been released a few years earlier...well, never mind and let's be happy about this top reissue of an undisputable classic! (MS)




-----  FEBRUARY -----

23.02. MICK MARS - delayed
23.02. PHILIP SAYCE - delayed
26.02. THE CROWS



-----  MARCH -----

08.03. MARCHELLO (Destiny re-issue)
08.03. GIANT (Time To Burn re-issue)
08.03. STAR.GATE
~ Mid March – AVION
15.03. LIPZ
22.03. CRUZH
22.03. HOLLER
29.03. AIR RAID
29.03. IAN WILDE
29.03. ANTBLAD (6 box – available via pre-order only)



-----  APRIL -----

19.04. ALICATE
19.04. PERSEUS




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